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TisBetter to give than to receive.
  - Ancient Prophet
         TisBest to help others to give.
- Erik Marks, Founder of TisBest Philanthropy

TisBest Philanthropy.  Converting a gift-of-stuff to a gift-of-good every 43 seconds! 

A message from our
Executive Director, Jon Siegel
Thank you for visiting the TisBest website, the leading site dedicated exclusively to charity gift cards. At TisBest, we're committed to fostering the growth of non-material gift giving. The TisBest Charity Gift Card has become (in less than 3 years!) one of the best non-material options available in a world of many, many material choices. In addition, it's exciting to know that TisBest has raised literally hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity in that short time. Why is this charity gift card becoming so popular? I think it's really pretty simple: The giver (that's you) knows that a charitable donation can make the world just a little bit better. And the recipient gets to decide which charity gets the money. So I appreciate the fact that you're browsing this site and considering a TisBest Charity Gift Card as a gift for someone you care about. We've worked hard to make this a fun experience for you and a delightful experience for the recipient of your gift. So give! Enjoy! And thank you for helping make the world a better place.
A message from our
Founder, Erik Marks:
I started TisBest Philanthropy with the goal of creating a donation gift that would be widely recognized and appreciated. Gifts create and build relationships.  Gifts say "I care about you".   The youngest children offer us gifts of a bug, a pine cone or maybe a finger painting from school; and I recall my grandma in her 90's making gifts to us of the quarters she won playing bingo with her friends.  The media tries to tell us that you can say  "I care more" by buying a more elaborate or more expensive gift. Although an expensive item purchased from a fancy store might make a great gift for some people, I have a different idea about what makes a wonderful gift.  I believe there is too much focus on gifts of "stuff" and that a donation gift is often the most appreciated and satisfying gift of all.  TisBest now has 50,000 satisfied Charity Gift Card donors and recipients and that group is growing every day!  Recently, "Charitable Gift Card" was identified as a "buzzword of the year"....who would have thought?  We have collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity.   I love to hear how businesses are giving TisBest charity gift cards instead of gift baskets and parents are tucking TisBest charity gift cards into children's stockings, along with toys, to introduce the kids to the joy of sharing with others.  Please click on "Endorsements" above to see some of the emails we have received from people thrilled about our charity gift cards. I would love to hear from you too! Please email info@tisbest.org and share your comments, concerns and questions. 
Here is a video on YouTube in which I talk about gift giving and why I believe in what TisBest offers.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFMOH2GnV8UThank you for having a look at the TisBest website and considering Charity Gift Cards for your gift giving this year.

The TisBest 250 Badge
An organization displaying the TisBest 250 Badge has been reviewed by TisBest Philanthropy and determined to have national or international impact, exercise fiscal and social responsibility, receive widespread endorsement, and demonstrate ingenuity and success within its area of focus.  For those reasons it is among the 250 outstanding organizations to which funds from a TisBest Charity Gift Card may be donated.  We at TisBest Philanthropy extend a heartfelt "thank you" to all of the staff and Board Members of the TisBest 250 for your great work!

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