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Choosing the Right Client Gift

Financial Advisors are perhaps the fastest growing customer segment for TisBest Charity Gift Cards. We see new Financial Advisor customers every week giving our cards as birthday gifts to clients, and using them as holiday gifts, too.

It makes sense when you think about it: As a Financial Advisor I manage somebody’s retirement account and investments, and I want to give that client a gift to say “thank you” for their patronage and loyalty. But what do I give? My client can buy anything he wants. Nothing I can give will be amazing and meaningful.

Unless you give a TisBest Charity Gift Card.  It’s the one gift that is truly unique and says something very positive about you and your firm.  Plus, because your gift turns your client into a giver (she gets to pick the charities that receive the money, after all), she’ll get the benefit of the “warm glow” that comes as a result of giving to charity.

Sound fanciful? It’s true. A great deal of research has been done that proves that feelings of “wellbeing” as a result of giving are very real, even predictable.  We wrote a white paper about it here at TisBest, and we’d like to make it available to you. Just click here and you can download a pdf.  We wrote the white paper specifically for financial advisors who are trying to solve their gift-giving dilemma, but the information applies to any business that is considering giving a gift to clients or customers.

So if you own a business, this will be helpful for you.  Or get one for your friends who own a business. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Enjoy the read!

Download the PDF: Client_Gifts_White_Paper_2014

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