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Business Events & Swag
Your next event gift doesn’t have to be predictable and boring. Whether you need a gift for your regional sales teams (face it, they have all the polo shirts they need), or a gift to give the folks who come into your booth at the big show, a TisBest Charity Gift Card is unique and powerful. Click here to see what they look like.
It works like a conventional gift card, but with one important exception: the recipient spends a charity gift card by directing the funds to one of 250+ national and local charities listed on the TisBest website. Create your own card design that includes your company’s branding and event messaging – there’s no cost and no minimum order for custom designs. Charity gift cards come in three styles – click here to see examples.

It’s a gift that feeds a hungry child, or protects an endangered species, or brings clean water to a remote village. It’s a gift of charity that says something about your company’s values, builds your brand, and truly engages the recipient in the giving process.


Questions? See our Business Gifts FAQ or send us an email at BusinessSales@tisbest.org, call 206-501-3005 x 2 between 8 AM-6 PM (Seattle time) Monday-Friday.
Hotel Max is a high-end boutique hotel in downtown Seattle. Carolina Pino, the hotel’s Director of Sales, was looking for a unique way to engage hotel guests in the hotel’s fifth anniversary celebration. She discovered TisBest’s $5.00 Charity Gift Cards.

“Guests loved the TisBest Card...people thought it was a fabulous gift, especially because it gave them the option of supporting a charity of their choice.”

Carolina Pino, Director of Sales

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Customize your card - fast, easy and FREE

Create your own card design that includes your company’s branding and messaging. There’s no extra cost and no minimum order for custom designs. Charity Gift Cards come in three styes - click here to see examples. Orders of less than 500 plastic cards usually ship within one business day. And our e-mail card option can be delivered instantly or programmed for future delivery.

Special event or commemorative gift

Sometimes you just need a little something different. Bundle a charity gift card with another gift you’ve already selected. Perhaps you’d like to commemorate an event in 2012 or 2013. Do it with a $20.12 or $20.13 charity gift card. We can be that flexible. We’ll work with your team to create just the gift at just the budget level you require. Meeting Planners: download our one page backgrounder.

Conifer Health Solutions wanted to reach out to attendees at an important health care conference in a way that demonstrated their desire to make the world better. They gave a $5.00 TisBest Charity Gift Card to each attendee they met. The results? “The cards were a HUGE hit.” according to Jennifer Lipman of Conifer’s Marketing Department.

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Immediate and powerful feedback

TisBest’s proprietary system allows each recipient to send a note back to you when they make their charity selection. You learn what charity is supported and why - information that helps you build and cement your business relationships. You’ll be amazed at the positive feedback! To read actual feedback from card recipients, see the Hotel Max or Conifer Health stories on this page.

Customize your recipients' entire “spend” experience

Keep your brand message in front of your card recipients from beginning to end. Your brand is already on the card itself; now extend that brand experience throughout the redemption process on the TisBest website. Call our Business Team at 206-501-3005 x2 to discuss available options and minimum order requirements.

A meaningful and strategic business gift that won’t offend

A charity gift card isn’t fattening, over-the-top, offensive, or frivolous. It's a green gift that sends the message that your company cares about your community and the world. By allowing your clients, prospects, and employees to choose charities that are important to them, you can be assured that your gift will be well received.

TisBest Charity Gift Cards are perfect for:

Booth handouts at conferences, speaker gifts, internal sales meetings, team building prizes, and community service recognition. Meeting Planners: we can work with you to create the perfect charitable gift to fit your client’s event strategy.

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