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Cause Marketing 2.0
Welcome to Cause Marketing 2.0, where customers choose the cause! TisBest puts the charity selection process right where it belongs – in your customers’ hands. Click here to see what they look like.
Cause Marketing 1.0 is hugely successful for many charities and their company partners. Worthy causes receive much needed financial support and companies connect their brands with important charities. But one valuable constituent is often left out of the process: the customer has no say in selecting the cause.

With Cause Marketing 2.0, you provide the donation, and the customer chooses the cause. As a result, your brand is associated with a charitable cause that is personally meaningful to each and every one of your participating customers - guaranteed.
And to top it off, we can tell you which cause each customer supports. You can use that customer specific market intelligence to your advantage in customer engagement and social media initiatives. Just imagine: you direct information about your company’s animal-free-product testing to animal rights enthusiasts; direct information about your company’s energy efficiency to environmentally conscious customers; and direct information about your schools programs to customers focused on children’s education.

Let us know when you are thinking about a Cause Marketing 2.0 program. Send us an email at BusinessSales@tisbest.org or call 206-501-3005 x 2 between 8 AM-6 PM (Seattle time) Monday-Friday. We're eager to brainstorm ideas with you and to share our resources at any time.
In-Store TisBest Charity Gift Cards

Reward your customers for their loyalty, but reward them with a meaningful gift of charity. Give a branded $5.00 charity gift card for each new gym membership. Or provide a $10 card with every $200 furniture purchase. Or send them a TisBest Charity Gift Card worth 2% of their online purchase total. Cards are available in any amount between $5 and $5,000.

Your Custom Branding on TisBestB Charity Gift Cards

You can customize your card - fast, easy and FREE. Create your own card design that includes your company’s branding and messaging. There’s no extra cost and no minimum order for custom designs. Charity gift cards come in three styles - click here to see examples.. Orders of less than 500 plastic cards usually ship within one business day. And our e-mail card option can be delivered instantly or programmed for future delivery.

Customize your recipient’s entire “spend” experience

Keep your brand and messaging in front of your recipients from beginning to end with a TisBest Branded Campaign. Your brand is already on the card itself; now extend that brand experience throughout the “spend” process on the TisBest website. Options include a custom welcome screen, closing call to action, and branded email follow up. Call our Business Sales Team at 206-501-3005 x2 to view a TisBest Branded Campaign demo and discuss specifications and minimum order requirements. You will be pleased how easy it is to set up a TisBest Branded Campaign! Download our Business Campaign Summary here. To view a demo campaign, receive more information, or to start your order, send us an email at BusinessSales@tisbest.org or call 206-501-3005 x 2 between 8 AM-6 PM (Seattle time) Monday-Friday.

Cause Marketing Four Square
Click here for more information

Katya Horner is the talented artist behind Slight Clutter Photography. Based in Houston, Katya reaches a nationwide audience through her online Etsy shop. “When I heard about TisBest, I saw the opportunity for my customers to not only decorate their home, but also give to the charity of their choice,” she said. Katya’s story shows that Cause Marketing works for businesses of any size.

Read the Slight Clutter Story

Packaged Goods Promotions

Support the charity of your customer’s choice through your next packaged goods promotion. Print a unique 6-character TisBest Code on your product package, sales receipt, apparel label, or printable item. The customer then uses the TisBest code to complete the charity selection process. We can create a special environment on the TisBest website or work with your developers to incorporate our redemption system into your promotional website. Codes are available in any dollar (or cents) amount. Maybe it’s only 50 cents; maybe it’s $1,000. Maybe it’s some of each.

Customer Directed Donations in E-Commerce

Incorporate a TisBest Customer Directed Donation program into your website’s checkout process. Offer your customers the opportunity to support a specific charity with a percentage of their order based on a preselected list of charities. Or avoid the direct cash reference and instead offer a menu of “cause items” they can choose from. A menu of options related to homelessness might include providing a meal for a homeless youth, a day’s rent for a family, or an emergency street kit. Once an item is selected, your customer will see the aggregate results for all of your customers – that’s a powerful emotional impact tied directly to your brand. You can customize your list of causes, charities, or menu items to fit your customers’ charitable interests and your CSR goals.

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