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What is a TisBest Charity Gift Card?
What do TisBest Charity Gift Cards look like?
Can I make a custom charity gift card with any photo or artwork?
What is your shipping policy?
If I buy a TisBest Charity Gift Card, do you send it to me or to the gift recipient?
Can I send Charity Gift Cards for more than one person in a single transaction?
I am outside the United States. Can I buy TisBest Cards?
Can you send the Charity Gift Card on a future date - such as a birthday?
Do TisBest Charity Gift Cards expire?
What denominations of Charity Gift Cards do you offer?
How much does a Charity Gift Card cost, and how much of my money does the charity receive?
Do you give names and contact information to the charities? Whose name is the donation made in?
Is a TisBest Charity Gift Card tax-deductible?
Why do you offer plastic gift cards?
What if I order a TisBest Charity Gift Card and it is not received?
How do you select the charities you feature on the TisBest website?
How do Partner Codes work?
Can I donate the funds on a Charity Gift Card to a charity that is not shown on your website?
Do I have to give my email address to spend a TisBest Charity Gift Card?
I'm having trouble spending my Charity Gift Card. What should I do?
Can I nominate a new charity for your website?
If I give a Charity Gift Card as a gift, will I know when it is spent and what charity the money goes to?
I lost my receipt. Can you send me another one?
Why is TisBest not BBB accredited?
I believe in your cause. How can I help?

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