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Memorable Teacher Gifts that Change the World
A TisBest Charity Gift Card is a new, meaningful teacher gift that honors the devotion and care shown to your son or daughter and makes the world a better place. Perfect for teachers, coaches, mentors, or directors, a charity gift card is unique and powerful. Check out what Tisbest Charity Gift Cards look like.


It works like a conventional gift card, but with one important exception: the recipient spends a charity gift card by directing the funds to one of 250+ national and local charities listed on our website. It’s a gift that feeds a hungry child, protects an endangered species, or brings clean water to a remote village!

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“As a teacher, none of us chose the profession for the money we would make, but for the lives we would touch. So I do not always have extra funds to donate in support of charities. This charity gift card allowed me another way to touch lives of individuals through supporting a charity.”
- Michelle V., Iowa preschool teacher
Make your teacher gift extra special by uploading your own picture and greeting card message for no additional cost. Perfect as a stand alone gift or charitable addition to your existing teacher gift idea. Learn more about How TisBest Charity Gift Cards work or see answers to many common questions on our FAQ page. You may also email us at info@tisbest.org or call 206-501-3005 x 1.
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Amy K. of Asheville, NC, decided to give charity gift cards as holiday presents to her kids' teachers. “I think they get too many useless or ornamental gifts from their students, and I thought they would appreciate a gift that gives to others,” Amy said. “I was right! The teachers were very appreciative (and pleasantly surprised) at these gifts, and I plan to give them to my kids' teachers as a rule now.”

Fun TisBest Tips for Giving

Make your teacher gift card a keepsake
Ask your son or daughter to pick a photo or have them draw a picture for your charity gift card. Or use a class photo! You can upload your own image or select one from our image library.

Seize a teaching moment
Involve your child in the decision to give their teacher a charity gift card. Talk about why giving back is important and some of your favorite causes.

Get the whole class involved
Ask the teacher if he or she would be to willing to share with the class which charity they chose and why that organization inspires them. It’s a great way to get kids thinking about ways to give back.

Ask your kids about their thoughts on giving
Ask your son or daughter simple questions about giving like “If you had $100, what would you do to make the world better?” You may be impressed with their answer!

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