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Tisbest Charity Gift Cards empower gift recipients to support causes they are passionate about.

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TisBest provides smart, brandable business gifts & CSR tools for your business, large or small.

Millions of Dollars Donated

People giving & receiving TisBest Charity Gift Cards have directed over $7 million to our charity partners.

This is absolutely inspiring . . . I often make donations as gifts, but the recipient doesn’t get to choose. This is a great way to involve both parties... it’s totally refreshing.

You made my holiday shopping easy and rewarding. I know the gift card recipients will feel the same way.
-Sarah S

I spoke to a gentleman the other day at TisBest who was so helpful and gracious and friendly and walked me through the whole process. I'm happy that for once I didn't have to deal with an automated voice situation.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been looking for the best way to distribute my money this year and this gives me the opportunity to honor the people in my life.
-Randy D.

How do Charity Gift Cards work?

What You Do:

You use this website to create and purchase a charity gift card.
What do they look like?

Designing your own?
Download our Charity Gift Card PSD template here.

What We Do:

We send the charity gift cards out, as you direct.

What Your Recipient Does:

Your recipient directs the money from the charity gift card to the charity(ies) of their choice.

What the Charities Do:

The charities put the money to World Changing good ends!

A meaningful gift that makes a difference.

TisBest Charity Gift Cards empower gift recipients to support causes they are passionate about. The TisBest Charity Gift Card is a donation gift that works like a conventional gift card, but instead of buying stuff, the recipient “spends” the TisBest Charity Gift Card by directing the funds to their choice out of our 300+ charity partners. You can easily and for free personalize the TisBest Charity Gift Card with your own message, image and/or company branding.

Eco-friendly, customizable, and #1 ranked, TisBest Charity Gift Cards make ideal business gifts, teacher gifts, wedding favors, Hanukah gifts, and Christmas donation gifts. TisBest Philanthropy is a Top Rated 501(c)(3) nonprofit and earned the Gold Seal from GuideStar. Questions? Contact us at or 206-501-3005.

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