Buy Nothing

Better World Radio Episode 05

  1. Buy nothing, give freely: We interview one of the founders of the Buy Nothing Project and find out how this movement is changing the way we interact with our neighbors.
  2. Better world roundup, (or: a man, a plan, and a shoe): A new invention enables shoes to grow with you, providing sturdy, long-lasting footwear to needy children worldwide. Also, how two teens are creating affordable mobile housing for Seattle’s homeless community.
  3. Who’s on first?: Some wisdom from Jon Siegel, TisBest Executive Director.
  4. As mentioned in the show, 7 vetted charities doing relief work in Nepal following the earthquake.

Buying Happiness and Better Business

Better World Radio Episode 4

  1. Can money buy happiness? TisBest’s Karli Anne Christiansen talks with Harvard professor Michael Norton about money, happiness, and your business. (Michael Norton’s TED talk: How To Buy Happiness)
  2. Better world roundup: A birthday party goes viral, and how giving it all away is changing the face of one of America’s most popular companies.
  3. What’s a house for?: Some words of wisdom from Jon Siegel, TisBest Executive Director.

Do What You Love to Fight What You Hate

Better World Radio Episode 3

  1. Taking a stand against a global problem: We talk with Jeremy Vallerand from Rescue Freedom International, an organization that focuses on providing safe homes and restorative care for victims of human trafficking. One of the fastest growing criminal enterprises in the world.
  2. Better world roundup: Don’t call it a comeback (or maybe we should?). Eagles are reportedly returning from the brink of extinction, and how listening to the radio and taking a bold step of compassion changed someone’s life for the better.
  3. How to pick your outfit and influence friends: Some wise fashion (and life) advice from Jon Siegel, TisBest Executive Director.

We Had A Hunch

Better World Radio Episode 2

  1. It was crazy Jon Siegel and Karli Anne Christiansen tell us how a TisBest experiment brought an old idea back to life. (Read more about DiscoverGiving on our site here)
  2. Better world roundup (or: pizza for world peace) How a photo turned into a campaign to send kids to Harvard (via: Indiegogo), and the story of a restaurant that’s changing the world one slice of pizza at a time (via: Today News).
  3. How to avoid stupidity Wise words from TisBest Executive Director Jon Siegel.

Nothing But Love

Better World Radio Episode 1

  1. One thousand five hundred ninety-six days: An interview with Kirk Smalley from Stand for the Silent whose 11 year old son Ty took his own life after being bullied. Find out what Ty’s parents are doing now to stop bullying—and how you can help.
  2. Better world roundup: Find out when the hug train is passing through your city (learn more at hugtrain.org), and meet the Pittsburg Aviation Animal Rescue Team who volunteer their time saving the lives of shelter dogs by flying them to no-kill sheters (be sure to check out their Facebook page for lots of great photos of dogs in airplanes).
  3. A word from TisBest: Listen to entries from our #MyGiftStory Holiday Contest, hear some words of wisdom from TisBest Executive Director Jon Siegel, and find out how you can win $100 in TisBest credit.

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