This was my favorite gift of the season! It was really fun letting my friends select the charity. I received such great responses from everyone! It seemed like the recipients took their time selecting the "perfect" charity and most times those charities were close to their hearts. Thank you for such a great idea!


I can truly say I have never received a gift that has touched me more.

-Anonymous Grade School Teacher

What a great idea. This solves the good intent of wanting to donate on a person's behalf but the awkwardness of not knowing if they would appreciate what you pick. It makes both parties active in the process! Great business/philanthropic model!

-Jamie C.

We had our company holiday party and distributed the charity card. It was amazing! The comments were just stunning -- this meant so much to our employees and the messages that they sent to the CEO were so touching. We had not anticipated how special this would be.


It's not just the funding. Yes, the Charity Gift Cards provide us with a new source of financial support that we could not otherwise reach. But in addition... we think that Charity Gift Cards can start conversations about philanthropy among friends and family--and increase awareness about National Hospice Foundation and our mission.

-Susan Messina, Director of Development Communications for the National Hospice Foundation

Our family decided to do something instead of exchanging gifts last Christmas and it turned out that all of us participated. Besides the pleasant feeling of doing something for someone who needs it, do you know how much more time you have without Christmas shopping? Everyone felt good about it and we decided to do it again this year. What fun!

-Kansas City, MO

You made my holiday shopping easy and rewarding. I know the gift card recipients will feel the same way.

-Sarah S.

I spoke to a gentleman the other day at TisBest who was so helpful and gracious and friendly and walked me through the whole process. I'm happy that for once I didn't have to deal with an automated voice situation.


I sent TisBest gift cards to my (far-away) sisters and cousins, and nieces and nephews. I thought they’d be great gifts but what I did not appreciate until I stated to receive notes letting me know how they were spent was how much I would learn about the people receiving them Each one is letting me know what they think is important in the world and why. These small insights into their lives and concerns (especially when we’re separated by many miles) are a super gift to me. So thanks, I’ll be giving a bunch more next year!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been looking for the best way to distribute my money this year and this gives me the opportunity to honor the people in my life.

-Randy D.

Thank you for giving me this gift card to save the rare animals.

-Jeremy, five years old

Charity Gift Cards are an important innovation in the charitable giving space. We hope that Charity Gift Cards will continue their growth trajectory, producing new funds, new donors and increasing social engagement in the virtuous goal of helping others.

-Heather Bohannon, Director of Corporate Relations and National Events, Autism Society of America

This concept gives the recipient a personal stake in giving--as they get to choose a cause that is personally meaningful to them. This is a great introduction to philanthropy--especially for children.

-Karen Moyer, The Moyer Foundation, Washington

I work with a lot of professional athletes who always want to give back and this is a perfect way to get them to motivate their fans and teammates to donate. You guys are brilliant!


I am absolutely thrilled to have found your website. Each year I donate money in honor of three children who already have an abundance of wealth. I am definitely going to use TisBest. More importantly, I wish you an abundance of success in your pursuit of this outstanding service. I will definitely spread the message.


What a great gift! We are having a good time looking at all the different charities we can donate to. It’s making us aware of so many possibilities we didn’t even know about. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful gift!


This is absolutely inspiring . . . I often make donations as gifts, but the recipient doesn’t get to choose. This is a great way to involve both parties... it’s totally refreshing.


With it being the season for giving, I was thinking of ways for employees to give gifts with a tax deduction. My search lead me to your site. With the tax deductible contribution to TisBest Philanthropy it was a win-win situation for the giver, the recipients, and the charities. It's a great idea - thank you for adding the personal choice aspect to the gift card. You are all doing great work!


This has been one of the most wonderful experiences for me, and for our adult children who received and spent their charitable gifts.


The web support for the process is extremely well done. Congratulations from a developer in a web business who appreciates good work.


This is the best idea anybody ever had for gift giving! Bless the genius who came up with it!


I wanted to thank the people who came up with this idea. The holidays are about giving... but what most people get during this season are wants, when so many here in the US and internationally go without their basic needs met.


This was an awesome experience. Not only does it take one to a thoughtful place, but it gives the ability to learn a great deal about different charities.


This is a great way to give gifts with meaning, purpose, and integrity.


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