Customize your recipients' entire spend experience. Keep your brand message in front of your card recipients from beginning to end.

1. Your branding on the Charity Gift Card

Create your own card design that includes your company’s branding and messaging. There’s no extra cost and no minimum order for custom designs. Charity Gift Cards come in three styes - plastic gift card, email gift card, or print-at-home gift card. Orders of less than 500 plastic cards usually ship within one business day. And our e-mail card option can be delivered instantly or programmed for future delivery.

2. Custom initial-pop-up

Use text, images or video to deliver an opening message that thanks your customer, builds on your brand or describes your company's giving culture.

3. Custom send-a-note

TisBest’s proprietary system allows each recipient to send a note back to you when they make a charity selection. You learn what charity they selected and why - information that helps you build and cement your business relationships. You’ll be amazed at the positive feedback and customer insights!

4. Custom closing sidebar

Appears to user on right side of the last page during redemption once their donation process is complete. Use text, images, video and hyperlinks to deliver a call to action or closing message. Ideas include delivering a coupon, special offer, survey participation request, invitation to connect via social media, or brand message.

5. Custom followup-email

Sent to user immediately following completion of the redemption process – serves as confirmation of charities selected. Use text, images, and hyperlinks to reinforce your brand messaging or deliver your call to action.

Support your favorite charity with a Charity Recommendation Program from TisBest

Do you have a favorite charity you would like to support in a bigger way? We have just the program for you. We call it the Charity Recommendation Program, and it allows you to identify one charity to feature during the redemption process.

When card recipients "spend" the gift card, a pop-up box invites them to consider directing the funds to your recommended charity. In one example, a TisBest customer recommended the Red Cross shortly after Hurricane Sandy. The client's appeal was powerful because the Red Cross is a known and trusted organization, and the timing was spectacular.

Branded Redemption Pricing

The TisBest team will work with you one on one to implement the elements for your customized branded experience. We can also offer custom design services to help you create your campaign.

Please Contact Us for pricing and details.

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