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Slack & Davis LLP is a Texas-based aviation and personal injury law practice with offices in Dallas and Austin. The firm considers local philanthropy an essential component of its marketing communications strategy.

The Program

Slack & Davis used TisBest Charity Gift Cards as thank-you gifts to clients and referring attorneys. “We were looking for ways to strategically extend ourselves into the local community via our client base,” said Marketing Director Teresa Ferguson. Teresa was impressed that Slack & Davis could custom brand the gift cards using the firm’s logo. However, what ultimately sold her was how easy it is for gift card recipients to redeem the cards and make donations through the TisBest website. ”The number one thing on my list was ensuring that the website would be simple to use. I was impressed with how easy and intuitive it was to navigate,” she said.

The Result

TisBest’s feedback system allowed each recipient to send a note back to Slack & Davis LLP when they made their charity selection. “I tallied comments from folks we gave charity gift cards to, and everyone loved the concept,” Teresa reported. “I received a very moving story from a woman who used her TisBest Charity Gift Card to donate money to the ASPCA after her pet Labrador of 13 years passed away.” Here are two more of the many other notes received by Slack & Davis:

“To Ladd and the others at Slack and Davis, I think this is a most excellent way of sharing season's greetings. I'm honored to be included among your designated "donors". Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous year” --J.C.

“Awesome way to help others. Thanks so much for including this firm! Merry Christmas.” --W.R.

To learn more about TisBest Charity Gift Cards see our Business Gifts FAQ, send us an email at ino@tisbest.org or call 206-501-3005 between 8 AM-6 PM (Seattle time) Monday-Friday.

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