Colliers International

With offices in 62 countries, Colliers International is a leader in commercial real estate, providing a full range of services to real estate users, owners and investors around the world.

The Program:

Colliers International President and CEO, Doug Frye, was looking for a way to extend holiday greetings to the company’s executives and key managers while staying true to company values. Colliers has a long-established commitment to giving back to the communities in which the company operates. The TisBest Charity Gift Card was a perfect gift. “By empowering people to give more to the charitable causes they’re passionate about, we demonstrate our genuine caring for them and our commitment to the communities we serve,” Doug said.

The Result:

The response from recipients, both staff and clients, was overwhelmingly positive, leading Colliers to choose TisBest Charity Gift Cards as its holiday gift again last year. Doug explained, “TisBest helps us connect with our clients and colleagues at the most personal, fundamental level by connecting with their values.”

TisBest’s feedback system allowed each recipient to send a note back to Colliers when they made their charity selection. Here are just two of the many great notes that Doug received from card recipients:

For the second year in a row, I appreciate the thoughtfulness behind providing charity gift cards at holiday time. It’s a great link between a core value of the company and the actions of the company. Thanks. –D.S.

Thank you for such a beautiful gift! It touches my heart to be able to make such a selection, and to work for a company who is so committed to giving back. Happy New Year! –S.E.

To learn more about TisBest Charity Gift Cards see our Business Gifts FAQ, send us an email at or call 206-501-3005 between 8 AM-6 PM (PST) Monday-Friday.