You And Your Team Deserves The Best Tax Deductible Employee Gifts & Employee Appreciation Gifts

If you’ve been looking for the perfect gift to give your employees this year, TisBest is best.

Give your employees something they’ll talk about for years.

Wouldn’t it be great if your company was known for supporting clean water in communities around the world? How about providing treatment and care to women living with HIV/AIDS or helping provide students worldwide access to education. With TisBest, those who want their contribution to help support a cause close to them can do it easily.

Here’s How It Works

You give a tax-deductible gift card to a client for any amount. They go online and give to any registered US charity they are passionate about helping.  You get the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing great work, and your employees get a creative opportunity to give to something they value.

It’s truly a win-win!

You’re an excellent boss. You have the best employees. Why not team up this year and be a part of helping those in need.

Together, you can show the world some love with TisBest gift cards!

We have more than 300 different US-based charities that will accept donations on behalf of your company. So there’s literally something for everyone in the office. With our custom donation page, employees can pick their own charity and write a personal message about why they chose it.

We provide a variety of cards and eCards for business gifting needs. For example, you can purchase bulk monthly Birthdays or annual Thank-You’s to be delivered at one time! You can also schedule your future eCards, so they are sent automatically when needed – such as on an employee’s birthday or retirement date.

The Charity Gift Card gives donors the chance to make a tax-deductible donation. Still, they can be shared and redeemed anytime. When “spent” by the giftee, 100% of their gift card value goes on to charities close to their heart.

Though it may seem like giving a gift card is the least personalized and creative gift, there are now so many excellent options that people love to receive.

Instead of gifting a physical present this year, help your clients give back to their community and make the holidays more meaningful in 2021.

Instead of buying gifts for friends or colleagues during the holiday season, consider donating instead! With 39% of US adults likely planning on giving cash contributions at some point next month (instead), you can take advantage by providing guidance towards organizations that will put those funds to good use.

Your employees love your company. But they have their own passions too. Maybe they love animals or believe in clean water for all – and that’s where you as a company come in! TisBest Charity Gift Cards is your chance to show how you care about the things your employees care about. Our gift cards offer a way to empower them by giving gifts as charitable donations to a cause they care about.