Science of Giving

COVID-19: Employee Engagement in Disrupted Times

Leaders within the workplace are faced with a unique circumstance: How do you remotely motivate your employees? Do you find it’s harder to engage meaningfully when coworkers’ children demand so much of their energy? Collaboration has become the new “buzzword” as we transition from in-person meetings to virtual conferencing. “Zoom” […]

wrapped gifts under a tree

Alleviate Stress with Healthy Gift-Giving Expectations This Holiday Season | Science of Giving Series #7

Each holiday season, life gets a little crazier. Lights are hung on street poles, calendars start filling up, travel plans are made, and everyone starts eating a few more cookies than usual. The holidays are here! But while the season is often marked with joy and excitement, for many it […]

TisBest Science of Giving Series

The TisBest Science of Giving blog series explores some of the latest research and discoveries on why we give, and what happens in our brains when we do. Science of Giving #1: What We Talk About When We Talk About Altruism. The six-month series kicks off with a blog post that […]