Gift Ideas

Choosing the Right Client Gift

Financial Advisors are perhaps the fastest growing customer segment for TisBest Charity Gift Cards. We see new Financial Advisor customers every week giving our cards as birthday gifts to clients, and using them as holiday gifts, too. It makes sense when you think about it: As a Financial Advisor I […]

Closing Gifts That Give Back

A wonderful way to make a lasting impression with your clients is by giving them a unique closing gift. Long gone are the days that a bottle of wine or a calendar with your logo on it will impress your clients. Your closing gift may be the last contact you […]

Giving Corporate Gifts?

The following is an excerpt from a blog post. As You Begin to Think About Your Holiday Budget for 2010, Consider the Gift that Keeps on Giving “‘Gifts are a part of business culture, but meaningful gifts aren’t easy to find. That’s where the TisBest Charity Gift Card comes […]

"I'll bet he doesn't have one of these!"

I saw this truck in the nearby Goodwill parking lot today and I couldn’t help myself. I had to take a picture. It struck me as a reminder of just how much stuff we tend to collect. Our family is desperately trying to de–stuffify, but it’s a difficult job. We’ve […]