COVID-19: Employee Engagement in Disrupted Times

Leaders within the workplace are faced with a unique circumstance: How do you remotely motivate your employees? Do you find it’s harder to engage meaningfully when coworkers’ children demand so much of their energy? Collaboration has become the new “buzzword” as we transition from in-person meetings to virtual conferencing. “Zoom” […]

Happy Easter Bunny Plushies in Window

3 meaningful ways to celebrate Easter and Passover this year

It’s a transformative year due to the Coronavirus, but special occasions like Easter and Passover can still be meaningful! We have compiled a few ideas on celebrating Easter and Passover — to help bring us together despite the social distance. 1. Bear/Bunny/Egg Hunt Have you heard of bears in windows? Households […]

3 Adorable DIY Teacher Gift Ideas

You’ve always been able to customize your TisBest Charity Gift Card for free, but sometimes it can be hard to get those creative juices flowing! Here are a few fun ideas for creating a DIY teacher gift that will be sure to let your child’s teacher know just how much […]

Oso landslide: How you can help

A note from our Executive Director, Jon Siegel: Friends, Today marks one month since a landslide devastated the small town of Oso, Washington. President Obama will visit this tiny community today to see firsthand how the community was affected and has been coping as they continue the difficult and tedious […]