TisBest has gone to the dogs!

Today is the 16th annual Take your Dog to Work Day.   
* warning- a few bad dog puns lie ahead*
The TisBest team understands the benefits of having pets.  Some of us are no strangers of having furry family members of our own, and as we celebrate Bring Your Dog to Work Day, we felt that that’s just what they should do… work! I mean… we are a non-profit, so we know all about volunteers.  Helping hands are so valuable, even when there are four to share!
We found that Mango the Corgi’s organizational skills were on-paw-r with our own, so we wanted to let him have a whack at planning today’s meetings.  Today we are calling it Corg-anization.  Lots of exciting things are happening at TisBest Headquarters, and we are able to keep up with it all with Mango’s help.  A Corgi’s natural bossy nature helps us stay on track.
Montana the French Bulldog worked with Production.  You may not know it, but a lot goes into those lovely charity gift cards that you receive in the mail.  We print all of our cards in house, and put them together by hand and ship them that day.  Looks like today we’ve got a puppy sized order, so we’re confident that Montana can handle this one.  We have a special deal going on today as well.  Custom Chew Marks included at no additional cost!


Winston the Pug is TisBest’s Chief Moral Officer, and he sure holds true to his title.  Although he is completely deaf, Winston is able to sense when staff members need a break and graciously allows his ears to be rubbed or belly to be scratched for a few mutually gratifying moments.  With the Seattle weather becoming more and more beautiful as summer approaches, he as made it a point to make sure that the TisBest team gets a much-needed dose of fresh air paired with good laughs.
The team at TisBest is fortunate enough to bring their dogs to work any day, but we are so excited to share this wonderful holiday with you.  There is something so special about these animals, and personally I know my life would feel pretty empty if I didn’t share it with a dog of my own.  Not only are they incredibly smart, loyal, and goofy as well as a multitude of other positive things, but a connection is made that goes beyond words.
Dogs are natural stress relievers as they lower your cortisol levels, and increase your serotonin levels.  They can also help lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and they are good for your heart.  I also would like to point out that with my furry friends in the office, I’m more likely to get up from my desk throughout the day to interact with them. Far too many studies show the danger to your health from sitting in the same place throughout the day.
Not only is Bring Your Dog to Work Day a day to celebrate your own dogs, but also it is a day to encourage pet adoption for those dogs (or any pet for that matter) that need a loving forever home.  If there are so many positive signs that point to the benefit of bringing your dog to work, then it’s safe to assume that just as many if not more benefits are to be gained when we live among them.
Dogs and other pets love us unconditionally, so why not take a moment today to think about how we can help our pet population out.  If you’re not ready to, or are unable to commit to adopting a pet, there’s still a lot you can do!

  • Volunteer at your local animal shelter or sanctuary
  • Donate food, blankets and other necessities your local animal shelter or sanctuary
  • You can use a TisBest Charity Gift Card to donate to a few of our Charity Partners that help Animals.  Humane Society of the United States, ASPCA, and Paws with a Cause are just a few of the many charities that help to support Animals!
  • Promote spaying and neutering of pets
  • See if there are animal events happening in your community, and take a moment out of your day to venture out and see what other people are doing to help.

These practices and so many more can be done to better the lives of the creatures we share our communities with.  Fellow pets will wag, purr, yelp, and howl a thank you when you do!

Brittany Burkfield is TisBest’s Web Technology & Design Manager