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Charity Spotlights: Refugee Crisis

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Welcome to “Charity in Action” our new blog feature where we introduce you to some of the TisBest Philanthropy Charities that are working to solve the problems you are hearing about in today’s news.
With the recent move by the Trump Administration to halt refugee entries into the United States, and the resulting protests – many of you have asked us how you can help refugees. While we can’t do a lot to change the political process (but you should totally contact your legislators) we can direct you to some of our amazing Partner Charities that are doing work to help refugee families around the world.
American Refugee Committee International
Amnesty International
Catholic Relief Services
Human Rights Watch
International Rescue Committee

If you have a TisBest Charity Gift Card, we encourage you to spend it on one of the charities above by clicking here. This is also a great time to donate directly to the charities by clicking any of the links above.

Thank you for your continued support.
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