History of Labor Day + New Charity Gift Card Designs

Every first Monday of September our country honors the working individual. Many businesses close for this holiday, yet a lot of people don’t know the history Labor Day.
At TisBest we celebrate every worker, no matter if you are an essential worker or not. We’re sharing some of the history behind the holiday and a look at our new Thank You card designs to thank the hard workers in your life.

History of Labor Day

For more than a century, the United States has been observing Labor Day. The national holiday originally was celebrated to honor the hard work and dedication of union workers. During the Industrial Revolution many workers clocked more than twelve hours a day, six or seven days a week, to earn just enough to keep a roof over their family’s head and basic food on the table.
New York City was the first to partake in 1882 as it shared the blight of social and economic hardships from union workers. More than 10,000 workers marched to City Hall to push for reform. They demanded safer conditions, better hours, and pay to name a few. The first march was later declared the first Labor Day parade.
In the beginning, organizers of Labor Day planned parades for the trade and labor unions. After the parade, there would be a festival and picnic for the members and their families. As Labor Day grew throughout the United States, speeches from local and national officials became popular.
Just over a decade later in 1894, the United States Congress passed an act declaring Labor Day a national holiday.

Modern Labor Day

Today, many people also treat Labor Day as the last celebration of summer and enjoy outdoor activities such as grilling, camping, or time with friends and family. While parades are not held in every major city, the celebrations for the American worker continue with fireworks, public events and more.
Not every American has the opportunity for a day off in observance of Labor Day. Especially in 2020, the nation’s essential workers will see less time off to help keep America running. For those who can enjoy the day off, they won’t be celebrating Labor Day in large groups or gatherings, but the sentiment of hard work still rings true.
At TisBest, we salute these men and women for sacrificing their health and safety for that of others. For all of the front line workers including transportation workers, retail store employees, nurses and doctors, and many more, thank you for all you’ve done this year. We hope you stay safe and healthy during the pandemic.
If you want to thank your favorite essential workers, our new Thank You card designs are perfect for you! Best of all you can schedule the Charity Gift Card to send to your giftee on a certain date and time, such as on Labor Day.


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