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Six Eco-Friendly Hostess Gifts for Thanksgiving

cast iron pan on dark background
Whether joining friends for the big Thanksgiving meal or just popping in for a casual visit, you’ll want to bring a small gift to say “thanks”. The holiday season can easily be overcome with over-indulgence and consumerism. So, while a bottle of wine or a candle will certainly do, wouldn’t it be nice to bring an eco-friendly gift?
Charity Gift Cards. With a TisBest Charity Gift Card you make the donation, and your recipient gets to choose which charities the donation goes to. With over 300 Partner Charities in 16 categories, there is sure to be a cause your recipient believes in. TisBest cards are printed on recycled plastic, and let you and your host or hostess give the gift of good.
TisBest Cads and Mailers
Homemade Granola.  After a day of cooking and entertaining, you hostess will be thankful to have the day after breakfast covered. Homemade granola is easy, and looks great packaged in a repurposed Mason jar.Granola in a glass jar.
Cloth Napkins.  Pick up a set of pretty (or seasonal, like these from Crate and Barrel) cloth napkins for your host to use at their next dinner party. Besides being fancier and more attractive than paper napkins, cloth napkins help your host create less waste. As a bonus for those hosts or hostesses with kids, cloth napkins can’t be shredded under the table.
Potted Herbs. Pick up some living herbs at your local home improvement store or nursery and pot them in a vintage or recycled container – like the small watering can pictured here. Herbs are a low maintenance gift that will be appreciated by any home cook.
potted herbs
Whiskey Stones. Despite their name, you can actually use these soapstone cubes to chill any beverage, without watering it down. They are non-porous and tasteless and will be an especially appreciated gift in areas prone to drought. Bourbon with Whisky Rocks
Sugar Scrub. Help your host unwind after a day of cooking a cleaning by creating a simple but luxurious sugar scrub. You probably even have many of the ingredients for these simple recipes in your kitchen already! Sugar scrub with lavender spring tied to it.
Still insist on bringing a candle or a bottle of wine? Attach a TisBest card and make a traditional gift a gift of good!