A message from our Founder, Erik Marks:

I started TisBest Philanthropy with the goal of creating a donation gift that would be widely recognized and appreciated. Gifts create and build relationships. Gifts say "I care about you". The youngest children offer us gifts of a bug, a pine cone or maybe a finger painting from school; and I recall my grandma in her 90's making gifts to us of the quarters she won playing bingo with her friends. The media tries to tell us that you can say "I care more" by buying a more elaborate or more expensive gift. Although an expensive item purchased from a fancy store might make a great gift for some people, I have a different idea about what makes a wonderful gift. I believe there is too much focus on gifts of "stuff" and that a donation gift is often the most appreciated and satisfying gift of all. TisBest now has 50,000 satisfied Charity Gift Card donors and recipients and that group is growing every day! Recently, "Charitable Gift Card" was identified as a "buzzword of the year"....who would have thought? We have collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. I love to hear how businesses are giving TisBest charity gift cards instead of gift baskets and parents are tucking TisBest charity gift cards into children's stockings, along with toys, to introduce the kids to the joy of sharing with others. Please click on "Endorsements" above to see some of the emails we have received from people thrilled about our charity gift cards. I would love to hear from you too! Please email info@tisbest.org and share your comments, concerns and questions.

Here is a video on YouTube in which I talk about gift giving and why I believe in what TisBest offers.Thank you for having a look at the TisBest website and considering Charity Gift Cards for your gift giving this year., and if you ask us to send your name to a charity that you supported (this is entirely optional), then we will of course share your name with the charity.

Erik Marks, Founder

Erik is the founder of TisBest and the Charity Gift Card concept. Erik is a member of Social Venture Partners, volunteers at his local Union Gospel Mission and supports the Nature Conservancy and Sierra Club. Erik has worked as a business attorney and partner at Cairncross & Hempelmann and Perkins Coie, and serves as general counsel at EDG Commercial Real Estate, a medical realestate services firm. Erik holds a JD from Harvard Law School and a BA fromWilliams College.

Management Team

Brittany Burkfield, Web Technology and Design Manager
Brittany leads TisBest’s website and user experience design and serves as Project Manager for the web development process. She also manages software on-boarding for TisBest operations. When not working on the many development projects TisBest has in the works, she acts as the sole graphic designer for the website and related marketing campaigns. A graduate of the Northwest College of Art and Design, Brittany earned a B.F.A. in Visual Communications double majoring in Graphic and Interactive Design. She is currently working on a second degree in marketing. A Native to the Southwestern deserts of New Mexico, Brittany brings an air of new perspective fueled by a heavily influenced artistic past.

Jeremy Holmes, Managing Director
Jeremy focuses on overall business strategy and manages daily operations, account management, sales, and marketing. Born and raised in Seattle, Jeremy is a people person and connector who is passionate about socially responsible business. He has worked with a number of local startups and was recognized with a sustainability leadership award in the category of Creative Solutions from Sustainable Seattle. In between phone calls and tweets Jeremy enjoys scuba diving and pursuing his interests as a podcaster and space enthusiast.

Trevor Mutibura, Customer Success & Sales Manager
Trevor`s experience is in marketing and sales management, and his role focuses on expanding the reach of TisBest and ensuring optimum levels of client satisfaction are achieved. He holds a Bachelor`s degree in Marketing and recently completed an Executive MBA program in Marketing. Trevor is an avid sports fan who wrestles between deciding who to cheer for between the Seahawks and New England patriots.

Board of Directors

Melinda Briana Epler
Melinda Briana Epler is a community engagement strategist dedicated to empowering social businesses and not-for-profit organizations to have greater positive impact. Melinda has 15 years of experience as a strategic planner for large organizations, and 20 years of experience an award-winning multi-channel storyteller for local non-profits and global Fortune 50 companies.

Richard N. Gold
Rich is president of R.N. Gold & Company, a management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning and marketing. Prior to forming R.N. Gold & Company, he was executive vice president of Glendinning Associates and a brand manager at Procter & Gamble. Rich serves on several boards of directors and advisory boards. He has been a producer and partner in Enterplan and director of the Downtown Council of Cincinnati, Ohio. He holds an MBA from Columbia University, an MA from New York University and a BSI from the University of Wisconsin..

Noland Hoshino
Noland is a Partner and Director of Creative and Digital Marketing at High Five Media, Co-Founder of Bcause Media, co-producer of Hello Vancouver!, Co-author of the SMO (Social Media Optimization) books series, and many, many other things. Including, a social good curator, do-good enforcer, volunteer enthusiast, and community activist. Most times you’ll see him on social media sharing articles and content about social good, or IRL (in real life) at an event or in his neighborhood (he's also the President of his neighborhood association) volunteering to make the community a better place to live. Noland is a military veteran with 20 years of service in the U.S. Air Force, and holds an MBA from University of Phoenix in Business Administration Management.

Dave Lamont
Dave began his philanthropic work years ago, founding a mentoring program for underprivileged elementary school children in Tacoma, WA. He currently serves on the board of directors and as an advisory board member to the PCC Farmland Trust. Dave is the chief executive officer of AICI, a commercial real estate development and investment company. Dave previously worked as an attorney and a nuclear chief engineer. He is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and holds a JD from Seattle University.

Marie Mihail
Marie works at Microsoft, where she specializes in global partner marketing and educational development. Marie spends a good part of her time promoting and supporting charitable organizations, including ASPCA, Delta Society, Help Hospitalized Veterans (HHV), Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), Senior Services of Snohomish County, and the annual Microsoft Give Campaign. Marie received both her BA in Economics and MBA from the University of Washington.

Jim Phillips
Jim is an owner and manager of Berschauer Phillips, a northwest commercial construction company, through which he pursues his interest in environmentally responsible and sustainable construction practices. Jim volunteers his time at St. Joseph’s of Seattle, the Boys and Girls Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Thurston County. Jim received his BA from Wheaton College and holds an MBA from the University of Washington.

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