Every child you know has the ability to make a difference in the world. Unlock that potential with DiscoverGiving, a classroom philanthropy project from TisBest.

DiscoverGiving guides students through a hands-on giving experience using fun, engaging activities designed to foster altruism and spark a lifelong appreciation for the power of generosity.


The DiscoverGiving Classroom Giving Kit contains everything a teacher needs to bring philanthropy into the classroom. Guided by Common Core Curriculum State Standards, the research-based curriculum and program materials allow the teacher to guide his or her class through a series of unique activities designed to help students discover ways they can have a positive impact on the world around them.


During the DiscoverGiving lesson, students can support an organization that works in an area of interest to them with their very own $1.00 TisBest Charity Gift Card. Click here to learn what a dollar can do. Additional activities encourage students to reflect on the giving experience while simultaneously engaging in vocabulary building exercises, research and public speaking practice, and nonfiction reading about kids—just like them—who are making a difference.


Each DiscoverGiving activity and discussion helps students identify specific, concrete ways they can create positive change in the world around them, from donating cans of food to helping a younger child learn to read. DiscoverGiving teaches students that they don’t need to wait until they grow up to change the world—they can start today.

The DiscoverGiving Classroom Giving Kit has everything needed to quickly and easily spark conversation and curiosity in students about philanthropy including:
• Teacher’s quick start guide and intro letter
• $1.00 TisBest Charity Gift Card for each student
• “I Can Change The World” button for each student
• DiscoverGiving teacher packet:
  - Lesson plans for grades 3-6*
  - Current events news article
  - Vocabulary word cards
  - Parent information sheets
• 18x24” classroom poster (not pictured)

*Classroom Giving Kits are currently available for grades 3-6.

Bring the power of generosity to students in your life today. The cost of a Classroom Giving Kit is $62.00 + $1.00 per student. Shipping is free, and your entire DiscoverGiving purchase is tax deductible.

Questions? See the DiscoverGiving FAQ page or
email us at DiscoverGiving@TisBest.org.

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