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Your custom-branded gifts will do a world of good.

Corporate Gifts That Create Positive Brand Association

There are millions of company-branded plastic water bottles filling up our landfills and oceans. What if your branded corporate gifts could help protect your local beach, or bring clean water to families in Tanzania? TisBest Charity Gift Cards can do that, and be customized with your logo and a personal message throughout the redemption experience. Your gift will leave a lasting impression on the receiving charities as well as your clients’ and employees’ affiliation with your brand.

A stack of three TisBest Charity Gift Cards featuring brand themed designs that make them ideal branded corporate gifts.

Our Business Customers Include

Branded Corporate Gifts With Purpose

Unlike traditional promotional swag, TisBest Charity Gift Cards allow you to connect with your clients and employees in a meaningful way while promoting your brand and culture.

TisBest offers branded corporate gifting solutions for businesses big and small. Whether you’re a small business that wants personalized gifts that are suitable to give employees and customers alike or a large company with enterprise needs that wants more control over the entire gifting and redemption experience, TisBest offers both! Regardless of the size of your order, you have the ability to customize your card designs and personalize the message your recipients will receive. You also have the option of upgrading your order to include TisBest’s Branded Redemption Experience, outlined below!

TisBest offers custom-branded corporate gifts that place your brand's image and values front and centre throughout the entire gifting and redemption process.

Free Card Personalization. No Minimum Orders.

Rather than giving a conventional gift card with a store logo, send your clients and employees a TisBest Charity Gift Card customized with your company’s brand and messaging. Whether you need one card or 500+ cards, TisBest Charity Gift Cards are the best branded corporate gifts! There is no extra cost for personalization and no minimum order required. Digital and printable cards are available immediately after purchase. Biodegradable plastic cards can be sent to you for further personalization, or we’ll mail fully packaged and sealed charity gift cards directly to your clients.

Upgrade Your Experience and Engage Clients at Every Touch Point

In addition to custom-branded and personalized gift cards, TisBest offers business customers the option to upgrade their order to include our Branded Redemption Experience. TisBest’s Branded Redemption platform is where your gift card recipients will come to spend their TisBest Charity Gift Cards. When you upgrade to include the Branded Redemption Experience, you’ll have the option of featuring your brand and customizing the images and content your recipients will see throughout their gift card redemption experience.

Our branded redemption platform keeps your brand and your commitment to social responsibility visible and top of mind throughout the gifting and redemption experience. Here’s how it works!

Step #1 Upgrade

Contact our sales team for pricing information on our branded redemption option. Our team can also help you with your card order and customization. After upgrading to TisBest’s Branded Redemption option, you’ll be guided through the following steps:

#RedefineGifting. Simplified.

Donating to charity makes your brand look good. Empowering your clients to choose the charities makes your people feel good. Give them the joy of giving back. Order directly in just minutes, or let our team tailor the experience for your clients.

TisBest offers custom-branded corporate gifts that place your brand's image and values front and centre throughout the entire gifting and redemption process.

Step #2: Customize and Personalize Your Gift Cards

Our sales team can help you, or you can easily customize your gift cards yourself by uploading the image you want to use for your cards’ design. You’ll also be given the ability to personalize the message wish to include in your cards, which can even be tailored to each recipient.

Step #3: Personalize Your Welcome Greeting

When your clients and employees are ready to spend their TisBest Charity Gift Cards, they’ll enter their card code on the TisBest website. Your branded welcome message will appear, inviting them to redeem their charity gift card. Your recipients can use their TisBest Charity Gift Cards to donate to one or more charities of their choice. With over 1.8 million U.S. charities to choose from, their favorites are sure to be on the list!

TisBest offers branded corporate gifts that do good, supporting causes that your clients and colleagues care about most!
TisBest offers branded corporate gifts that you can personalize and give to anyone, on any occasion.

Step #4: Create a Closing Message with a Call to Action

The closing message is an opportunity to engage your recipients one more time at the end of the redemption experience. You can include a thank you message for joining you on your mission to create a better world. It’s also the perfect opportunity to feature images, video, or hyperlinks with a call to action — whether it’s to invite your recipients to connect with you on social media, pay-it-forward, or read about your company’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainability, the closing message is your chance to make a lasting impression.

Step #5: Receive Thank You Notes From Recipients

Our proprietary system allows each recipient to email a note back to you when they make their charity selections. This is a great way to learn about what causes your clients and employees are passionate about — fostering more meaningful and personal relationships. The positive feedback from your clients will be your greatest return on investment!

After receiving your branded corporate gifts and making their charity selections, your recipients have the option of sending you a thank you email.
TisBest offers branded corporate gifts along with a branded redemption experience. Here's how.

Step #6: Customize Your Confirmation Screen Image

After clients and employees select their charities, a confirmation message will appear to congratulate them on their donation. You’ll have the option of displaying a custom full-screen background image that perfectly captures your brand, your team culture, and your commitment to making the world a better place.

Step #7: Send a Branded Follow-Up Email

Immediately following the redemption process, your gift card recipients will receive an automated, custom-branded email. The email will feature your image of choice and your personalized message thanking them for donating to the charities they selected. Since they still have “all the feels” from supporting their favorite causes, those good vibes will be positively associated with you and your brand.

After sending your clients, colleagues and business associates your branded corporate gifts, you can send them a branded follow-up email as well.
TisBest Charity Gift Cards are the best branded corporate gifts as they truly impact the donating companies, receiving charities, and your clients and employees...for good.

Step #8: (Optional) TisBest Charity Recommendation Program

Do you or your company have a charity that is near and dear to your heart? The TisBest Charity Recommendation Program allows you to identify one charity to feature during the redemption process. When your recipients enter their card code to “spend” their gift card, your recommended charity appears in the right-hand sidebar with a note that states “Your gifter supports this charity, would you like to as well?”  This option makes our Branded Redemption Experience especially ideal for corporate and team fundraising efforts!

TisBest Charity Gift Cards are the best branded corporate gifts as they truly impact the donating companies, receiving charities, and your clients and employees…for good.

Upgrade to a Personalized Experience

Contact our sales team for one-on-one support with your order and information on how to upgrade to our Branded Redemption Experience. We can design a custom-branded TisBest Charity Gift Card for you and tailor our redemption platform to reflect your brand and messaging in just a few easy steps.

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