Whether you’re looking to give a new, more meaningful holiday or thank you gift or add a charity component to your existing gift idea, a TisBest Charity Gift Card is the solution.

It works like the conventional gift card you’re familiar with, but with one important exception: the recipient spends a charity gift card by directing the funds to one of our 300 leading charities listed on the TisBest website or to any of the 1.5 million registered charities in our searchable database. Create your own card design that includes your company’s branding and event messaging – there’s no cost and no minimum order for custom designs.

It’s a gift that feeds a hungry child, or protects an endangered species, or brings clean water to a remote village. It’s a gift of charity that says something about your company’s values, builds your brand, and truly engages the recipient in the giving process.

Customizing – Fast, Easy and FREE

Create your own card design that includes your company’s branding and messaging. There’s no extra cost and no minimum order for custom designs. TisBest offers gift cards in three different types.

Immediate and Powerful Feedback

TisBest’s proprietary system allows each recipient to send a note back to you when they make their charity selection.

A meaningful and Strategic Business Gift

By allowing your clients, prospects, and employees to choose charities that are important to them, you can be assured that your gift will be well received.

Customize the Entire “Spend Experience”

Keep your brand message in front of your card recipients from beginning to end. Your brand is already on the card itself; now extend that brand experience throughout the redemption process on the TisBest website with a Custom Branded Redemption Program.

Client Stories:

Colliers International

“Colliers International is about creating memorable experiences. TisBest helps us connect with our clients and colleagues at the most personal, fundamental level by connecting with their values…” Doug Frye, President & CEO Colliers International