Client Gifts That Create Meaningful Connections

Personal gifts nurture client relationships. Charitable experiences create an emotional bond. TisBest helps you do both.

TisBest Charity Gift Cards make meaningful and memorable client gifts that nurture relationships by supporting what your clients care about.
Spent on U.S. corporate gifts by 2024.
Top execs say gifts create a deeper connection with clients.
Major U.S. companies plan to maintain or increase charitable giving.
Millennials say philanthropy leads to brand loyalty.

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TisBest Charity Gift Cards Align CSR with Client Values

Corporate philanthropy is good for the world and creates a positive brand image. Letting your clients choose the charities helps create brand affinity. What if your client gifts helped you do both? Join the movement to #RedefineGifting with gifts of good. With TisBest Charity Gift Cards, you choose the amount and your clients pay it forward to their favorite charities.

Whether it’s your first impression with a prospect or an appreciation gift for a long-term client, TisBest makes it easy to engage them in the charitable giving experience. Choose from four sustainable formats: digital, printable, bio-plastic, or gift codes to use in your content.

#RedefineGifting. Simplified.

Donating to charity makes your brand look good. Empowering your clients to choose the charities makes your people feel good. Give them the joy of giving back. Order directly in just minutes, or let our team tailor the experience for your clients.

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Client Gifts That Double Your Impact

Your donation will leave a lasting impression on your clients and the causes they hold dear to their hearts. There are over 1.8 million U.S.-registered charities on the TisBest site. Your clients can browse our featured categories or easily search for their favorite local or national nonprofits. They simply enter their charity gift card code and pay it forward to one charity or divide it among up to multiple of their favorites.

TisBest Charity Gift Cards make ideal client gifts for anyone and any occasion.

100% Donated to Client’s Selected Charities

Company Benefits

One Donation, Multiple Charities

Whether your clients are local or across the globe, scale your impact with one donation. Then let them pay it forward to their favorite charities.

100% Tax Deductible

When you purchase TisBest Charity Gift Cards for your clients, you’re making a single charitable donation. You’ll receive a donation receipt immediately after your purchase.


That’s right. No red tape here. TisBest Charity Gift Cards meet compliance standards for regulated industries.

Remain Donor Neutral

Show your clients you care about what they care about while remaining anonymous to the receiving charities.

Track Client Engagement

TisBest tracks when your clients “spend” their cards and which charities they support. You get a detailed report showing measurable ROI to your CFO.

“Instead of dictating one charity, we were able to spread the wealth across a lot of different, extremely deserving organizations.”
Sara Shelton
Campbell & Company

One Donation. Three Seamless Solutions.


Features are included in ALL orders.

  • No order minimums
  • Donate from $10-$5,000
  • 100% Tax Deductible
  • Select a card image (or upload your own)
  • Digital, printable, or bio-plastic cards
  • Send digital cards instantly or schedule
  • Include a personal message
  • Easily track card redemption
  • See which charities your clients supported


Our complimentary services.

  • All Order Direct features PLUS:
  • Dedicated team member
  • We create and help manage your order
  • Assist in creating a custom-branded card
  • Additional gift types
  • Flexible payment options
  • Tips for implementing client gift programs
  • Help tracking ROI
  • Easily reorder as needed


Get additional custom features with unlimited use.

  • Personalized gift redemption experience for employees
  • Option to recommend a charity
  • Add company video, images, or hyperlinks
  • Custom automated confirmation emails
  • We’ll save your customization for future orders

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You’re in Good Company! TisBest Has Helped Businesses of All Sizes #RedefineGifting.

Here are a few examples of how companies replaced traditional client gifts with meaningful and memorable experiences.

Our Clients Love TisBest Charity Gift Cards. Yours Will, Too!

Client Gifts That Amplify Your ESG Efforts + ROI

ESG (environment, social, and governance) measures a company’s sustainability efforts, social impact, and leadership diversity and accountability. It’s changing clients’ perceptions of your business — including the corporate gifts you send them. Consider this: Consumers are four to six times more likely to trust, buy from, champion, and protect companies with a strong purpose. Imagine how they’ll feel when they receive sustainable client gifts that support the causes that matter to them most. TisBest Charity Gift Cards #RedefineGifting by emotionally connecting your clients to your brand. Here are some great opportunities to do just that:

Two TisBest Charity Gift Cards featuring designs that can be used for client gifts. One card's design features a green and white "Thank You" inspired theme. The other card features a colorful "Happy Birthday" design.

We Love Connecting with Our Clients. Let Us Help You Connect with Yours.

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