Best Trade Show Giveaways That Matter

TisBest Charity Gift Cards break through the predictable monotony of trade show swag. You choose the denomination, they choose the charity.

Looking for Last-Minute Trade Show Swag? Stress Less with TisBest!

Are you tasked with scrolling through websites and searching for swag, hoping your order will arrive in time for your trade show? TisBest Charity Gift Cards take the stress out of trade show giveaways and positively impact attendees, their favorite charities, and your bottom line.

Need unique trade show giveaways in a pinch? TisBest has you covered! TisBest Charity Gift Cards can be customized to reflect your brand and our digital and printable gift card options make them easy to give on the go!

Three Sustainable and Convenient Formats

TisBest Charity Gift Cards are just a click away! Typical trade show swag is made from cheap plastic that ultimately ends up in the landfill. TisBest Charity Gift Cards are available in three convenient, sustainable formats that not only reduce your carbon footprint but support causes that are important to your prospective customers. Whether you wish to bestow the gift to attendees at the time of registration, at your booth, or send as a follow-up thank you gift after a virtual event — your gift and your brand will leave a lasting impression.

TisBest's Digital Charity Gift Cards can be sent to your trade show attendees in an instant.

Decide the amount and message. We’ll send trade show attendees a custom-branded email with a link to spend their cards.

TisBest's Printable Charity Gift Cards let you instantly download and print gift cards on the go.

Instantly download and print on the go. Our printable gift cards make the best last-minute trade show giveaways. Hand them out at your booth or email them to virtual attendees.

TisBest's Biodegrable Plastic Charity Gift Cards can be pre-purchased to hand out at your upcoming trade show or directly mailed to attendees after the trade show.

Have biodegradable plastic cards sent to you for further personalization, or we’ll mail fully packaged and sealed charity gift cards directly to your trade show attendees.

Best Trade Show Giveaways That Foster Relationships

Branded Trade Show Swag That Fosters Relationships

TisBest Charity Gift Cards’ branded redemption process allows you to follow up with leads in just seconds. Once your trade show attendees “spend” their cards, you can follow up instantly with a branded email reply thanking them for helping to make the world a better place. It also allows you to conduct market research and track what your customers and prospects are passionate about. You can see how many cards were used, which charities they were donated to, and it makes a great ice-breaker conversation for your next interaction!

Trade Show Giveaways That Leave a Lasting Impression

By choosing TisBest Charity Gift Cards, your custom-branded trade show giveaways will be what people are talking about even after the trade show! Whether recipients choose to donate to cancer research, animal shelters, ocean conservancy, civil rights, or disaster and relief efforts, they’ll experience the joy of giving to others — leaving them with a warm and fuzzy feeling about your brand, long after you dismantle your booth.

Best Trade Show Giveaways That Leave a Lasting Impression

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