Frequently Asked Questions.

Click on any of the Frequently Asked Questions in the list below to see an answer. If you have specific questions, please send an email to info@tisbest.org or call 206-501-3005. We are available 8 am-5 pm (Seattle Time) Monday-Friday. We’d love to hear from you.

A TisBest Charity Gift works like any other gift card, except that instead of buying more stuff, the recipient of a Charity Gift Card spends it to support a charity of their choice at www.tisbest.org. You may choose between three gift card types:

  1. Send a 100% recycled plastic gift card in a quality greeting card by regular mail.
  2. Send a gift card by email
  3. Print the gift card on your printer.

Charity Gift Cards look like this. You choose between:

  1. Printing the gift card on your printer
  2. Sending an instant gift card by email
  3. Sending a plastic gift card by regular mail.
You choose from over 50 stock images for your Charity Gift Card, or you can upload your own image for the gift card! Plastic cards sent by mail come in a quality greeting card custom printed with your personal message.

Yes. You can upload your own photo, artwork or logo. To upload your own image, click the Buy a Gift Card tab above and then select the "Upload My Own Image" button. It's very easy, a horizontal or landscape photograph works well, and you see exactly what your gift card will look like. Your file will need to be saved as a .JPG file.

  • There is no extra cost for custom cards.
  • There is no minimum order for custom cards.
  • There is no shipping delay for custom cards.

If you are formatting an image specifically for our cards, it should be 974 pixels wide x 606 pixels high at 300 DPI (or similar), RGB color, and saved as a maximum quality .JPG file (must be smaller than 1MB). To “preview” how your image will look, click the Buy a Gift Card tab above and then select the "Upload My Own Image" button. Dark backgrounds work better than light backgrounds, and try to avoid large areas of light yellows and light oranges to assure accurate color reproduction on the plastic cards. If you are working in Photoshop, download our charity gift card PSD template here.

Standard shipping is Free. Expedited or overnight shipping can be selected during checkout for an additional charge. Cards are shipped within one business day after you order them. (For Charity Gift Cards that you print on your printer or send via email, delivery is instant and there is no shipping charge of course.)

Of course! While most orders can be placed easily online, we have special tools available if you need to upload a long recipient list, or are ordering for business use. Please email businesssales@TisBest.org or call our Partnerships Coordinator at 206-501-3005 ext. 102 for prompt assistance.

You choose during the ordering process. We can send the Charity Gift Card directly to the recipient. Or, we can send the Charity Gift Card to you, and you can deliver it to the recipient personally.

Yes. You can order any variety of Charity Gift Cards you want in one transaction. Each Charity Gift Card will appear in your Shopping Cart, and you will pay for all of them during Checkout. If you are sending out several cards with the same message and design, contact us and we can help you with your order. Feel free to contact us directly at info@TisBest.org or 206-501-3005 for additional information and assistance.

Not at this time. We are working hard to accommodate international billing needs in our cart, and we anticipate to have an international billing feature soon!

Yes, we can email a card to the recipient on any date you select. A calendar is included in the card selection process. We email cards out at 7:30 am Pacific Time on the date selected.

Our gift cards do not expire and may be used at any time.

Each Charity Gift Card is customized so that you can order any denomination, down to the penny, between $10 and $5,000. For example, to celebrate an upcoming event in 2016 or 2017, you may wish to give a card in the amount of $20.16 or $20.17.

Special $5.00 and $1.00 gift cards can be ordered with a 50 card minimum. Consider giving custom designed $5.00 cards to your wedding guests as favors, or have your business give $5.00 Charity Gift Cards, rather than kitsch, at a conference. We add a set-up fee of $100.00 per special order so that 100% of the face value of these cards goes to the selected charities.

To inquire about $5.00 or $1.00 cards, please call 206-501-3005 or send an email to info@TisBest.org. Due to special configuration requirements, these cards are not available for purchase through our website.

When you purchase our email gift cards or print-on-your-printer gift cards, you simply pay for the face value of the card. For our 100% recycled plastic charity gift cards, you pay the card face value plus $1.49 which simply covers the cost of the plastic gift card, greeting card, envelope, and handling (all materials are 100% recycled content). There is no additional cost for customizing any of our gift cards with your own image or logo, including plastic gift cards!

We transfer funds to the charities each calendar quarter, based on Charity Gift Cards spent in the prior quarter. The charity receives the entire amount of the card, less a $1.95 transaction fee and 3% received by the credit card processor (as with all credit card transactions) for gift cards $10.00 and above.

Our special $1.00 and $5.00 gift cards carry a $100.00 setup fee (50 card minimum order) so that 100% of the face value of these cards goes to the selected charities.

Our financials are audited annually and we are a top reviewed charity on GreatNonprofits, Charity Navigator and Guidestar.

We understand the problem with unwanted phone and mail solicitations, so we do not share any customer names or contact information with charities unless you ask us to. Donations are made from TisBest Philanthropy. If you want to register with a charity to receive their mailings, we will offer you that opportunity after you have spent your gift card.

Yes. The person who buys a Charity Gift Card gets the opportunity for a tax deduction. For example, if you buy a $50 Charity Gift Card, we send you a receipt for a $50 charitable donation to TisBest Philanthropy, an IRS approved 501(c)(3) charity under EIN 20-8630809. The person spending a Charity Gift Card is not entitled to a tax deduction. Please consult with your tax advisor for specific advice about taking tax deductions.

Many customers have requested a physical card option, and we're doing our best to offer an environmentally friendly and fully customizable solution. Our plastic gift cards are 100% recycled content – that is why they have a slight gray hue rather than being bright white.

Our email Charity Gift Cards and receipts come from cards@tisbest.org. If you or the recipient did not receive your order, please first check spam and junk email folders, and add TisBest.org as a trusted sender. If you need further help, or if any cards are not received, please send your name, email address and an explanation to info@TisBest.org.

TisBest 350

We choose charities with national or international impact that represent a broad array of interests so that nearly everyone will be able to find an organization they believe in for their donation. All of our charities receive significant public support, have demonstrated fiscal and social responsibility and have their official financial and regulatory data subject to third-party review on guidestar.org or charitynavigator.org. We generally feature charities with annual revenues or assets of at least $3 million, and our team reviews the 990 Tax Forms filed by our charities to ensure fiscal accountability.

We have carefully selected 300+ worthy national and local charities to choose from to appeal to a broad array of interests and believe that everyone will be able to find a cause and an organization they can enthusiastically support with their donation. As such, TisBest Charity Gift Cards can be used to support any of the charities on our website. We welcome new charity nominations and encourage you to send the name of the charity, its web address, and why you think it should be featured by TisBest to nomination@tisbest.org. New nominations are reviewed annually.

We ask for your email address in order to send you an email confirming that your donation was sent. We protect email addresses with a strict Privacy Policy, and will never sell donor information or distribute email addresses without permission. If you still prefer not to provide your real email address, just use abc@123.com in the field that asks for your email address.

Send us an email at info@TisBest.org, or call (206) 501-3005. We're happy to help you with any questions or issues you might have.

Absolutely. Please send an email to nomination@tisbest.org with the name of the charity, its web address and why you think it should be featured by TisBest. Please keep in mind that charities we feature on our national list must be shown on charitynavigator.org or guidestar.org, have a national presence, and generally must have revenues over $3 million per year.

Yes. Each time a charity gift card in your order is spent, you receive an email notice with information about the charity(ies) supported. Also, the receipt we send by email will contain links that let you check on the status of each charity gift card.

Yes. Please email info@tisbest.org and we will be happy to work with you.

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