"This is the best client gift we’ve given.

These charity gift cards get the whole client’s family engaged."

- Matt Bridge, SVP, KBB Wealth Management

Looking for meaningful client and financial advisor gifts?

You see it in one article after another: Wealth management isn’t just about handling investments—it’s about relationships. Research shows that expressing gratitude and providing recognition can help build trust and mutual respect—two essential building blocks for developing business relationships that last.

TisBest Charity Gift Cards are an innovative and meaningful way to show appreciation for your clients. These gift cards work just like conventional gift cards with one important exception: instead of using the card at a store to buy more stuff, your recipient uses the funds on the card to make a donation to their favorite charity.

What you do

With our support, customize your card image and create a personal message.

What we do

TisBest walks you through every step and sends out the cards as you direct.

What your client does

Your client directs the donation to a charity of their choice and feels great about you and your firm.

Choose a card image, or customize your own for a unique gift

Choose from one of TisBest’s attractive pre-designed cards or customize your design with your company’s message or image at no extra cost and no minimum order size. Charity gift cards come in three styles: a plastic gift card, an email gift card, and a print at home gift card.

A meaningful and strategic business gift that won’t offend

A charity gift card isn’t a frivolous or generic client appreciation gift. It's a meaningful gift (not to mention eco-friendly) that sends the message that you care about your clients, your community and the world. By allowing your clients to choose charities that are important to them, you can be assured that your gift will be well received.

Branded Redemption

Create your own card design that includes your company’s branding and messaging. Extend that brand messaging throughout the redemption process on the TisBest website.

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