Virtual Events: Drive More Attendance on Purpose

Remote work is the new normal, and organizations have pivoted their conferences and trade shows to the virtual sphere. It’s a new frontier for most marketing directors and event planners. Attracting guests to virtual events requires thinking of new ways to drive attendance. A Shared Purpose Aligned with your Virtual […]

The Perfect Gift: Tax-Deductible Charitable Gift Cards that Never Expire

Every year, 30% of all charitable donations happen in December. Several factors play into this, including seasonal holiday giving and year-end tax-deductible donations to non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations. This time of year, figuring out where to donate or what gifts to buy can make the holiday season even more stressful. TisBest […]

History of Labor Day + New Charity Gift Card Designs

Every first Monday of September our country honors the working individual. Many businesses close for this holiday, yet a lot of people don’t know the history Labor Day. At TisBest we celebrate every worker, no matter if you are an essential worker or not. We’re sharing some of the history […]

Marketing in 2020: 3 Tips for Businesses

As the world is changing, so is marketing. Rightfully so. People have more serious concerns than they did last year. If we’re marketing in 2020, we can’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Our team at TisBest has spent this year thoughtfully considering not just our own marketing strategy, but […]

Do-Good Currency: Is Doing-Good part of the new normal?

It’s a year like no other. No seriously, there may not be any Americans prior who can claim living through both a pandemic and a social justice movement in the same year—that is, until 2020. By the end of summer a new reality has settled in. It’s affecting work, home, […]

Civil Rights Charities: Our Commitment to creating a better world

Ensuring equal rights and freedoms are afforded to all of us strikes at the core of our mission. As an organization fueling a movement to replace gifts of stuff with gifts of good—that connect individuals to important causes—now is the time to focus our spotlight on nonprofit organizations committed to […]

Meet 5 Inspiring Young Activists Who Are Making a Better World

You don’t have to look far to find young people who are making the world a better place. From 16-year-old Greta Thunberg being named the 2019 Time Person of the Year to Malala Yousafzai becoming the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, young people across all borders are […]

Making a Better World: 5 Charities and their Front Lines

As COVID-19 persists and our country seeks social justice, we believe nonprofits have the responsibility to step up more than ever. At TisBest, we’re working to connect you to relevant charities by highlighting them in our Charity Spotlight series. We asked our Charity Partners what they need most and we’d […]

Mothers’ Day 2020: What Moms Do and Don’t want

Mothers’ Day is quickly approaching and as we figure out our new normal during COVID-19, it may add to the stress. We think we can help, considering we know a lot of moms. TisBest reached out to a handful of moms and asked, “What do you want most for Mothers […]

COVID-19: Employee Engagement in Disrupted Times

Leaders within the workplace are faced with a unique circumstance: How do you remotely motivate your employees? Do you find it’s harder to engage meaningfully when coworkers’ children demand so much of their energy? Collaboration has become the new “buzzword” as we transition from in-person meetings to virtual conferencing. “Zoom” […]

Teachers’ Day 2020: Say Thanks and Help Create a Better World

Events this year make us appreciate a lot of things. If you’re a parent or a student — the teachers in our lives are high on that list. Teachers guide, engage, educate, nurture and devote themselves and their time to our children. Most schools are closed through Teachers’ Day this […]

Happy Easter Bunny Plushies in Window

3 meaningful ways to celebrate Easter and Passover this year

It’s a transformative year due to the Coronavirus, but special occasions like Easter and Passover can still be meaningful! We have compiled a few ideas on celebrating Easter and Passover — to help bring us together despite the social distance. 1. Bear/Bunny/Egg Hunt Have you heard of bears in windows? Households […]