Ukraine Relief Charities

As the war in Ukraine continues, so does the need for help. Many of you asked us to recommend Ukraine relief charities. We looked into it and developed a list of U.S.-registered relief organizations that provide emergency aid and shelter to Ukrainian soldiers, displaced citizens, and refugees.

By using your TisBest Charity Gift Card to support Ukraine Relief Charities, you will:

  • Provide ready-to-eat meals for soldiers
  • Provide food and supplies for displaced civilians
  • Help refugees find temporary housing in neighboring countries
  • Secure and transport much needed medical supplies
  • Send food, candy, and coloring books to children at the Lviv train station
  • Provide pet food and veterinary supplies to vet clinics

Every Donation Makes a Big Impact

“As an American who established residency in Ukraine a week before the war started, I immediately felt compelled to help. A close friend and I created The Sunflower Project, funded by Americans, to provide immediate emergency relief to Ukraine. In addition to supporting the largest refugee center in Warsaw, our organization provides food, transportation, and emergency medical aid to Ukraine and Poland. A small donation of $20 buys enough candy and coloring books for over 50 children at the train station in Lviv. A $50 donation buys 6000 calories of field rations for those who cannot leave the war-torn areas of Ukraine. One donation of $150 buys a special field medical kit that will save many lives.”

– Kevin Raison, Co-Founder, The Sunflower Project

Organizations Directly Supporting Ukraine Relief

To support one of these charities with your TisBest Charity Gift Card, click the “Spend a Gift Card” link below  and choose Ukraine Charities on the charity categories page.

Your Donations in Action

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