Welcome to TisBest! This page provides information and resources to charities that received a distribution from TisBest Philanthropy.

Why did TisBest send us a check?

TisBest sent you a check because one or more TisBest Charity Gift Card recipients directed the funds to you.

What is a TisBest Charity Gift Card?

A TisBest Charity Gift Card is a gift concept operated by TisBest Philanthropy through this website. The gift giver makes a charitable donation, and the gift recipient chooses a nonprofit to receive the donation. Click on the links in the navigation bar above to learn more about TisBest.

Will we be getting more checks from TisBest?

If Charity Gift Card recipients choose to direct more money to your organization in the future, you will receive another check. We partner with Featured Charities in several ways and our Featured Charities typically receive 3 distribution checks a year. Non-featured charities receive donations from us only when a gift card recipient deliberately seeks them out using our search function and so will receive distributions from TisBest only occasionally.

How can I tell if we are a Featured Charity?

If you are shown in full color on the TisBest Charities Tab, then you are a Featured Charity.

We are not currently a Featured Charity. Can we become one?

We on-board new Featured Charities once a year. If you are not currently a Featured Charity and would like to become one, please send email to charities@tisbest.org. We receive many inquiries and are unable to respond personally to all of them. If we select your organization as a potential Featured Charity, we will be in touch.

We are a Featured Charity. Can we control the images and text that TisBest uses to describe us?

Yes. Go to https://CharityAdmin.TisBest.org and log in to your account using the UserName and Password shown on the stub of the check you received from TisBest.

When do you send out distribution checks?

We send out checks on January 10, April 10 and July 10. The January check is for Charity Gift Cards spent in Q3 and Q4. The April check is for Charity Gift Cards spent in Q1. The July check is for Charity Gift Cards spent in Q2.

Can we find out the name and contact information for the person who chose our charity for the donation?

Yes, if that person Opted-In and authorized us to share it with you. Please go to https://CharityAdmin.TisBest.org and log in to your account using the UserName and Password shown on the stub of the check you received from TisBest. You will be able to access a Financial and Donor Contact Information Report after logging in.

To access your financial and donor report: Log in and scroll down to the bottom of the screen for the date-range search. To view details about your January TisBest donation, search the range “7/1/2020 – 12/31/2020” and hit enter or click the “Get Data” button. (If you leave the date range blank, you’ll get results from 2007, when TisBest was founded, through the most recent distribution.)

On the resulting screen, you’ll see a summary dollar amount (that should match the donation amount you received) and a list of the people who used their Charity Gift Cards to designate funds for your charity. If they opted to share their name and/or email, they will be listed, and if they did not, the entry will be marked as anonymous. In this scenario, you can list TisBest Philanthropy as the donor for accounting purposes.

We do not include individual donor amounts because the check you received is an accumulation of multiple donations. If you receive a check and there is only one donation during the quarter, then that is the amount allocated to your charity.

Where do we send a receipt for this donation?

The donation is from TisBest Philanthropy, a Washington nonprofit corporation, EIN 20-8630809. You may email a receipt for this donation to DonationReceipts@tisbest.org. Please opt us out of all mailing lists.