Welcome to TisBest! This page provides information and resources to charities that received a distribution from TisBest Philanthropy.

Why did TisBest send us a check?

TisBest sent you a check because one or more TisBest Charity Gift Card recipients directed the funds to you.

What is a TisBest Charity Gift Card?

TisBest Charity Gift Cards are gifts sold and managed by TisBest, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The cards are donations to charity that anyone can purchase and give to someone else as a gift. People who receive a TisBest Charity Gift Card get to choose which charities will receive the funds. Learn more about TisBest on our About Charity Gift Cards page.

Will we be getting more checks from TisBest?

If Charity Gift Card recipients choose to direct more money to your organization in the future, you will receive another check.

When are donations sent to selected charities?

We mail distribution checks quarterly. TisBest is a nonprofit as well, and grouping the payments this way helps us manage costs so that more money goes to charities and we keep our process sustainable.

How do I find our charity profile page on TisBest?

You can find and select charities from over 1.8 million nonprofit options across the U.S. by using our Search Tool. Find your charity by typing in the name or EIN in the search field located at the top of our list of charities.  

Can we add content to our TisBest profile page?

Not at the moment, but we’re currently working on a tool that will help all charities add descriptions and imagery to their TisBest profiles. 

How do we update our charity’s address?

We source charity name and address records directly from the IRS tax-exempt organization state file. If the address displayed on your charity’s TisBest profile page is inaccurate, we recommend updating your address with the IRS using form 8822-B. When the IRS updates their records, the changes will be reflected on our website shortly thereafter.  
However, if you need to update your charity’s mailing address (which we keep on file internally, separate from the display address), please send us the request from an email address associated with your charity website. 

Where can we send a receipt for this donation?

Please know that donation receipts have already been issued to all the financial donors. TisBest (which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit) issues donation receipts to purchasers when they buy the TisBest Charity Gift Cards. After gift recipients use the cards to choose charities, TisBest (which is also a nonprofit) sends donations to those respective charities. 
The donation you received is from TisBest Philanthropy, a Washington state nonprofit, EIN 20-8630809. If you need to send a donation receipt you may email it to donationreceipts@tisbest.org. Please opt us out of all mailing lists.

If I still have questions, who can I contact?

Please reach out to us at charities@tisbest.org for help with any further questions.