5 Ways Financial Advisors Can Use Charity Gift Cards

If gift-giving is an important part of your client connection strategy, you might give some thought to the different times you can reach out to your clients.  The year-end holiday season is the go-to time of year for most FAs to reach their clients, but you might consider other times and life events, too.  Sometimes being a bit different helps you stand out from the crowd.

1. Holiday (Christmas / Hanukkah) greetings
Most businesses wait for the holidays to send their greetings. After all, it is the natural time of year to tell your clients how much you appreciate their business. For many people, it’s just the right time of year for gift-giving.  Just be aware that most businesses – from dry cleaners to realtors – wait until the holidays for their gift-giving, too, and that may mean competition for your message.

2. Birthday greetings
A substantial number of our FA customers use their clients’ birthdays as a trigger for an annual greeting.  FAs tell us that for them, a birthday is a perfect time for a greeting and meaningful gift. Your message may have some competition, but the clutter is certainly less than during the holidays. A nice side benefit is that you can spread your “thank you” budget across the entire year rather than taking one big hit at year-end.

3. Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is a perfectly natural time to say, well,  “Thanks!”  Thanks for your business, for your loyalty, for your confidence in our firm. Most businesses start thinking about their gift-giving at Thanksgiving. But for those who are organized, Thanksgiving is an ideal time to convey that message of thankfulness and gratitude (and to be the first-holiday gift to arrive).

4. Anniversary of a business relationship
You work hard to obtain new clients, and just as hard (if not harder) to keep them. The anniversary of your business relationship is worth celebrating.  Giving a gift at this time puts the focus on your client and lets them know you appreciate them and their business.  You’ll have less messaging competition, and your gifting will also get spread out over 12 months.

5. Prosperous New Year
There’s nothing more invigorating than looking ahead to the New Year.  Consider giving your client gifts at the beginning of the New Year rather than at the end of the one that’s wrapping up. Now your message can focus on progress and prosperity in the next twelve months.

Regardless of the timing of your gift, you want it to be meaningful to your clients. A gift of charity is a meaningful gift for many people, especially your clients who already have what they need (and most of what they want) and for whom any gift of “stuff” is probably something they could purchase for themselves if they really wanted it.

A TisBest Charity Gift Card offers your client an opportunity to support the charity of their choosing with your money.   And who doesn’t enjoy giving away other peoples’ money?  Learn more at https://www.tisbest.org/business-solutions/financial-advisors/.