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It has been far too long since our last “Spotlight” post, especially considering the caliber of the 250 National Charities and the list of amazing local charities that is growing daily from across the nation! We are starting a new series and are really excited to kick it off with a post about the work of one of our national partners: Covenant House.
Covenant House reaches out to a population that, here in Seattle, we most often see in abandoned doorways. Dirty, slumped, sad, cold, wet. And young, really young. They should be playing, learning, figuring out their future, figuring out the world. But they’re not. Who knows the reason. Who cares the reason. They are not culpable for being there. They need help.
Covenant House steps up and helps. They focus on homeless kids. They give the kids an ear to talk to, a warm room, a meal, space to think things through. The stories on their website will bring tears to your eyes:

I’m tired, I’m so tired. I never thought in a million years that this was the way my life was going to be.
I told my mom we’d still make it, and I took care of her. I stopped going to school so I could help her. I did my best. But it wasn’t enough.
All I was looking for was a bed, but I found a haven. Covenant House is different than other shelters. It’s like a home. There are lots of ‘parents’ here….

Here is one such story: at 16 years old, Matt had been beaten senseless by a gang, was in trouble with the law, and trying to recover from a 3 month coma induced by the beating. He found Covenant House and was transformed. Today he volunteers to help other kids: “The kids sit there and listen to me, and shake my hand. I’m doing God’s job. That’s the best I could do in life, to give the message of hope to other kids.”
Covenant House runs multiple programs in cities across the US – a crisis hotline, shelters, transitional housing, jobs training – and the Outreach Van, a program that reaches out and offers help where the kids need it, right on the street. Volunteers look for homeless kids, give them a sandwich, offer to talk. It’s so simple and it is exactly what that cold, hungry and scared 15 year old kid needs.
We at TisBest Philanthropy heartily applaud Covenant House for their work and hope you will too. If you give them $20, that can hand out 20 sandwiches to kids on the street. That sandwich is the first step a kid needs to reach shelter, counseling, a future, and maybe even an M.D. like “Joe” did. Simple and high impact. Thank you Covenant House for your work!
-Erik and Chad