Great Ideas for Giving: Limited Edition Charity Gift Cards!

Check out this thoughtful way a TisBest fan is using Charity Gift Cards! Katya Horner, a professional photographer and the creative engine behind Slight Clutter Photography, thought of a great way to spread the word about TisBest’s mission. 

For every hundred dollars spent on prints in her Etsy store, Slight Clutter Photography is including $10 worth of charitable giving in the form of a Charity Gift Card. The best part is that the cards are printed with a limited edition photograph, something you can’t get anywhere else!

Katya creates atmospheric and enchanting images of nature that evoke the stillness and solitude of an early morning fog lifting from a quiet forest. The gorgeous, golden trees and field on her limited edition cards are striking.  This is a great way to say “thank you” for supporting independent artists, and an excellent opportunity to get people giving to charity!

Check out Katya’s post on why Charity Gift Cards were her top pick for her customers. And look at the Slight Clutter Photography gallery–what beautiful photos! Perhaps we need one for the TisBest office…

Charity Gift Cards aren’t just for birthdays and holidays.  What creative ways have you used donation gifts?  Send us a note at—we’re eager to hear your story!