Gift Ideas

"I'll bet he doesn't have one of these!"

I saw this truck in the nearby Goodwill parking lot today and I couldn’t help myself. I had to take a picture. It struck me as a reminder of just how much stuff we tend to collect. Our family is desperately trying to declutter, but it’s a difficult job. We’ve got excess stuff jammed in every closet, in every nook and cranny, on every garage shelf, and even under a bed or two. And that’s after giving bag after bag of stuff to Goodwill.
One of my favorite items got unearthed a couple of weekends ago as my wife was rearranging a kitchen cabinet. She found a double beer can upright chicken cooker that I received as a birthday present from my younger brother. It was a wonderful gesture, but, sorry Tom, it just isn’t gonna get used again. I know what he was thinking: “I’ll bet he doesn’t have one of these!” Right you are. I didn’t. And now I don’t once again.