On Healing

Healing.It comes from nature or God or time or whatever you want to call the source of goodness from which balance and equilibrium is reinstated after a time of turmoil.

Here at TisBest (www.tisbest.org) we recently experienced healing.We were so successful in launching TisBest Charity Gift Cards in November 2007 that we stumbled over our own feet. Our website designers ran out of bandwith for all of our ideas and we had to switch to new web consultants who could move more quickly. Some of our banking services were not set up efficiently for the volume of money we were receiving and we had to restructure those banking services. The TisBest concept was larger than we had anticipated and rather than being able to savor our success, we were beset with challenges.What was our reaction?We just kept working hard, and we kept looking for an opportunity to allow the hand of healing to have its effect.

First and foremost, we focused on customer satisfaction.I am proud to say that our customers love TisBest!Have a look at the About Tab on our website to see the various endorsements and kudos we received.Sure, some customers ran into issues, but we worked very hard to resolve all the questions and concerns, and in the end I think down to the last person every customer is happy with their TisBest experience.

Earlier in 2008 I was proud to post 180 checks to charities, as our first distribution of funds.We raised over $350,000 for the charities in the last 6 weeks of 2007!!We will be posting the allocation among the top 50 or so charities on our website very soon.

Now, we are off and running with new innovations for TisBest Charity Gift Cards in 2008.Here are some of the improvements we have in store.You will be able to provide your own image for the cards by uploading it!You will be able to order either the instant gift cards we offer now or hard cards (biodegradable).And you will be able to give $1.00 of our money to a charity of your choice for each TisBest Gift Card that you order!


Going back to healing.Charitable donations are about bringing to others the opportunity for healing. Sometimes that means healing the sick through medical care, sometimes it means healing the land or shoreline, sometimes it means healing the balance of nature, and sometimes it means healing society through education and opportunity for children.But it is always about healing.

Erik Marks

Executive Director of TisBest