We are in outstanding company according to TheStreet.com

Yesterday, TheStreet.com named its list of the Five Best Gift Cards in the United States. The best gift cards, by category, are:
Category-Best Gift Card
Retail: Costco

Online: Amazon.com

Bank: American Express

Restaurant: Darden Restaurants (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Capital Grille)

Charity: TisBest Charity Gift Cards

We’re pleased to be included in such outstanding company. After all, this is only our third holiday season in operation. In that short time we’ve not only been instrumental in creating an entirely new category (charity gift cards) but we’ve been identified by TheStreet.com as being the best in class.
Our dream of replacing gifts of “more stuff” with gifts of “more meaning” is really taking root. We have seen a tremendous increase in demand for our charity gift cards each year – we are tracking at 2.5x as many cards this year over last – and we have every reason to believe that growth will continue for years to come. That bodes well for the charities we support, for the landfills that don’t fill quite as quickly, and for all the important causes that are funded.
Best wishes during this wonderful holiday season,
Jon Siegel, executive director