What's Your Silliest Gift? A Video by Reel Grrls

Our Seattle Local charity partner Reel Grrls made these videos last year on Black Friday.  They braved the cold outside a downtown shopping center and asked passers-by two questions:  What’s the silliest gift you’ve ever received?  Who’s hardest to shop for?
And after you’ve checked out the videos, tell us your answers in the comments: what’s the strangest, silliest gift you’ve ever been given?  Who do you have trouble finding a meaningful gift for?

Cheers to the crew at Reel Grrls, who help guide and empower young women through teaching them the ins and outs of filmmaking.  And thanks as well to the amazing grrls who made the videos!  They do an awesome job–check out their other projects here.
TisBest: What’s the silliest gift you’ve ever received? from Reel Grrls.
TisBest: Who’s Hardest to Shop For? from Reel Grrls.
Happy Thanksgiving!
The TisBest Team