Have a heart for animals and want to make a difference? Animal charities are one of our most popular charities. Our carefully selected and accredited U.S.-based animal charities aid in the health and well-being of animals, both domesticated and wild.

Click on our featured animal charities below to learn more about them or use our search tool to find your favorites. 100% of your TisBest Charity Gift Card donation goes directly to the charities of your choice!

Can’t Find the Charity You’re Looking For?

If you don’t see your favorite animal charities listed above, search for them by their legal name or EIN (tax ID) using the search tool.

Charities that are registered in the IRS database as a 501(c)(3) can be found in our database of over 1.8 million U.S. charities. If you don’t see your favorite animal charities listed above, search for them using the charity’s legal name or EIN (tax ID number).

You can find the EIN of your favorite charities via a simple Google search.

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Have a Heart for Animals and Want to Make a Difference?

Imagine how good it will feel to contribute to the health, well-being, and protection of the animals you love most. TisBest makes it easy to support the animal charities you care about — anytime and anywhere.

Using your TisBest Charity Gift Card to support your favorite animal charities helps:

  • Deliver much-needed veterinary care and rehabilitation to orphaned pets
  • Protect vulnerable species from poaching and extinction
  • Promote education on animal husbandry and the ethical treatment of all animals
  • Support sanctuaries in the care and adoption of more animals in need of rescue
  • Prevent the ongoing exploitation of animals used in entertainment and other industries
  • Prevent the unnecessary euthanizing of surrendered animals in U.S. shelters
  • Help secure homes and safe pastures for animals in their final years of life
  • Provide canine companions and assistance dogs to people with disabilities
  • Promote the humane treatment of farm animals
  • Support education and conservation programs that help protect vulnerable species and their natural habitats
  • And so much more!