Better World Radio Episode 002 – We Had A Hunch

Each month we’ll share stories from people who are working to create a better world, along with interviews, heartwarming current events from around the globe, updates from the TisBest team, and more.
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This month’s episode (number 002): We Had A Hunch  
1. It was crazy
Jon Siegel and Karli Anne Christiansen tell us how a TisBest experiment brought an old idea back to life. (Read more about DiscoverGiving on our site here)
2. Better world roundup (or: pizza for world peace)
How a photo turned into a campaign to send kids to Harvard (via Indiegogo), and the story of a restaurant that’s changing the world one slice of pizza at a time (via Today News).
3. How to avoid stupidity
Wise words from TisBest Executive Director Jon Siegel.
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