Charities FAQs Gift Ideas

Charity Gift Cards Printed with Your Own Photos

You can give the gift of sharing with Charity Gift Cards that feature your own custom image. Whether of family, friends, or furry family members — you have so many options! Perhaps a picture from home, or out and about exploring:

Send your friends a gift card with a group picture, or as part of an announcement or thank you!

A custom image of yourself or loved ones is one more way to both add and bring a smile to your gift.

Whether puppy, kitten, or other kind creature, furry friends and pets of all sorts are a great way to go too!

Custom images should be:

– 974 pixels wide x 606 pixels high
– 300 DPI (or a similar resolution)
– RGB color (normal mode for photos)
– Saved as a maximum quality .JPG file
– Smaller than 1MB. If you’re using Photoshop, click here to download our Photoshop template.

To “preview” how your image will look, go to “Buy Gift Cards”, choose whether you want plastic, email, or print-at-home Charity Gift Cards, and then select the “Upload Custom Image” button. Dark backgrounds work better than light backgrounds, and try to avoid large areas of light yellows and light oranges to assure accurate color reproduction on the plastic cards.
Pick some photos special to you and try it out yourself!