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Civil Rights Charities: Our Commitment to creating a better world

Ensuring equal rights and freedoms are afforded to all of us strikes at the core of our mission. As an organization fueling a movement to replace gifts of stuff with gifts of good—that connect individuals to important causes—now is the time to focus our spotlight on nonprofit organizations committed to Civil Rights that are best positioned to take immediate, meaningful, and sustainable action.

A New Civil Rights Charity Category   

We realized that our Charity Search categories left a gap when it comes to featuring Civil Rights organizations focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. By carefully curating this new category we can highlight organizations that are on the front lines, and enable TisBest Charity Gift Card redeemers to quickly and easily rise up and be a part of the movement. We believe that supporting these pivotal organizations is the most effective way our donors (and TisBest) can continuously and relentlessly stand up to inequality.

See Civil Rights Charities

In its essence TisBest strives to be agnostic in its support of non-profit organizations; however, we feel strongly that our role in driving meaningful change in the world is to understand what people care about and simplify the process of connecting them with those causes.
We invite you to join us in taking this time to seek out resources, learn, and grow; together we can create a better world.
–The TisBest Team