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Do-Good Currency: Is Doing-Good part of the new normal?

It’s a year like no other. No seriously, there may not be any Americans prior who can claim living through both a pandemic and a social justice movement in the same year—that is, until 2020. By the end of summer a new reality has settled in. It’s affecting work, home, school and many other aspects of our lives. But this new reality’s silver lining is regular people being moved by a collective spirit of purpose and doing-good.
Finding purpose in a new normal
We describe “Essential” workers as people who we need to keep doing what they do so that our lives can function. But what about “non-Essential” workers? Historically, in times of war there were cultural shifts like when more women went to work in factories. Artists suited up risking their lives to save monuments. And musicians sang about the draft and their sense of duty. During the challenges of 2020 work-from-home professionals, students, retirees and other lower-income workers need to feel that sense of purpose too.
Keeping occasions special
This year, COVID-19 has impacted special occasions. We put Easter bunnies in windows, drove by to say Happy Birthday or posted selfies in crisp graduation gowns from home. So what will the winter holidays look like, during colder months that would normally include warm get-togethers? And how can we empower individuals to feel that sense of purpose?
Young people are especially struggling.
Public health measures, such as social distancing, can make people feel isolated and lonely and can increase stress and anxiety. Increased depression, distress, and low self-esteem is being associated with job loss and limited health care access.

It’s been speculated that these conditions are giving rise to the re-awoken civil rights movement and its heightened impact this year. So while there are purposeful causes ripe for impact, how do we empower a generation beyond rallying and posting about the issues they are passionate about?

An antidote: Purposeful, shared Experiences

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