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Encouraging Charity Gift Card Recipients To Make Their Donations

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From time to time customers will ask the question “How do we encourage our charity gift card recipients to make their donations?”
TisBest Charity Gift Cards never expire, so some will go unspent for quite some time. We often see cards being spent that are years old! Sometimes people need time to make a decision about what charity they want to donate to because they want to make the best use of their donation.
As a customer, you can always get in touch with us to find out if your recipients have redeemed their cards. Also, if you’ve registered an account for your order you can check the status of your cards online.
Over the years, we’ve seen many great ideas companies come up with to encourage recipients to make their donations, and we’d like to share some of those ideas in case you need inspiration:

1.) Set an “expiration date” for your campaign.
One creative tactic we’ve seen from our customer at dfnet is the addition of an “expiration date” to their card design. This card was designed by the company to inform the customer of the date they have to make a donation by. If they do not donate by that specific date, dfnet will make for the customer it to the charity of their choice.
Ask TisBest about our customer design solutions for your card!

2.) Send an email reminder.
Many customers ask us if we can provide automatic e-mail reminders to their Charity Gift Card recipients who haven’t spent their cards. We have not, traditionally, offered this service because most of our business customers find value in using this opportunity to reconnect with their recipients.
Setting up an email reminder or thank you is easy to do:

  • Create a worksheet that matches your Charity Gift Card codes with your recipients’ email addresses.
  • Contact TisBest or use your online account to get a report showing spent and unspent cards
  • Create email campaigns that thank your recipients for donating or that remind them they have unspent cards.

Ask TisBest about our email reminder solution! We can create a follow up campaign for customers with orders of 50 cards or more!

3.) Use your unspent Charity Gift Cards as an opportunity.
Both your spent and unspent cards are an opportunity for you to reconnect with your recipients whether they are loved ones or customers. Maybe you’ve been meaning to connect with someone you gave a card to, and you know they spent their donation on Habitat For Humanity. Following up on that donation is a perfect excuse to talk with them again.

Spent and unspent Charity Gift Cards can also provide companies with opportunities to reconnect with their customers and their values.

Charity Gift Cards provide businesses the chance to follow up with customers who haven’t donated. You can reconnect, understand your customer better and make an impression by showing your attentiveness to their cause or mission. Follow-ups are a great opportunity to connect with your customer’s values with your business, and make sure you are meeting your customer’s needs.
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