Get Creative

By Jon Siegel, Executive Director
As you are certainly aware by now most political advertising lacks creativity, and perhaps the least creative advertising element is the traditional yard sign. In this part of the world, candidate yard signs are sticking out of any bit of dirt that will hold them. I suppose once you have a candidate’s name on there (block letters, please), the office that is being sought, and the obligatory flag or other patriotic symbol, there just isn’t much room for anything imaginative.
So I was really impressed when I came across this cleverly displayed series of yard signs- I salute those who think a bit differently. I don’t know who thought of displaying signs in this way, whether it was the candidate himself or one of his volunteers, but I truly appreciate the effort and result. (By the way, I’m not in the business of endorsements – just the business of encouraging people to think a little bit differently.)
Depending on your political leanings, you may be tempted to provide commentary to go with the photos. If you like Luis and his political party, perhaps you’ll point out that he has a great deal of depth. If you’re on the other side of the political aisle, you may perceive that he isn’t what he at first seems to be.
No matter. My point is that being a bit creative and looking at life a little differently can be a positive and refreshing thing. I hope that as you start thinking about the rather rapidly approaching holiday season, you’ll consider just how imaginative you can be as you create your own custom design for the charity gift cards you have in mind for your friends and family. Will it be a family photo? Your favorite vacation scene from the last 12 months? The new baby? The new puppies? The new baby with the new puppies?
We know that charity gift cards are unusual in the world of gift-giving. We know they aren’t a traditional gift. We also know that people who give them think a little differently than the average Joe and Josephine. And for that I shout, “Thank You!” Thank you for making the world a better place, and for doing it with a little imagination.