Happy Mother's Day to Mothers and Other Women Who are Mentors and Caregivers

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A Day for Mothers and Mentors

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate mothers and other women in our lives who have mentored, guided  and cared for us — women who have helped shape the people we have become and continue to provide examples of how to face life’s challenges.

Charity Gift Cards are a fantastic way to acknowledge the mentors and caregivers in your life by connecting them with causes and charities they care about. You can customize them with your own image and include note with the greeting card. As an example one of our staff members, Kyle, had this to say about his mother:

I feel lucky that I have a mother who is a positive influence in my life and who I can look up to. I still have a youthful sense of reverence for here, not just because of her accomplishments, but also for her resilience and “lead by example” attitude.

A little about her: She’s the only child of a mid-western, blue collar family who come from a farming tradition. She was always inspired to help those in need, so she worked on a Master’s degree while raising three children. In her early career she worked with mental health patients in hospitals and clinics. She eventually decided to work for herself, and with her husband, opened her own clinic. Running her own clinic allowed her and her husband to work closer with their patients, their families and provide the beset level of care. Her husband passed away a few years after they opened the clinic, but my mother continued to care for patients and runs the clinic to this day.

When I said I have a youthful reverence for my mother, it’s because even as an adult I still view her as indestructible. I value her advice and have gotten to see an example of how to be strong during tough times — she projects a demeanor strength and has always made it known that she can handle any challenge.

Watching her through my 36 years has taught me more than a few lessons: hard work produces results, takings risks results in rewards and most importantly, those qualities of steadfastness can help keep a family together. Thank you mom! I appreciate you very much.


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Give a Charity Gift Card

Also, if you have a Charity Gift Card, you can use it to support women here and globally in honor of Mother’s Day. Here’s a sample of the featured organizations you can support:

National Women’s Law Center
Women for Women
Global Fund for Women