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Holiday Gift Ideas for Financial Advisors

Charity Gift Card Ideas

You feel you know your clients fairly well. They’ve trusted you with their investments, goals, and more. When the holidays come around, of course, you want to thank them for this relationship and for choosing you.

At TisBest we have been working with Advisors, Planners, and Insurance Agents for over a decade to provide a gift idea that works for virtually every type of client or partner, and for you the gift giver.  Our charity gift cards offer a flexible experience for both the gifter and the giftee.

Benefits of Charity Gift Cards

Charity gift cards are gifts you can give to your clients. Each card comes preloaded with the amount you decide. Once you have gifted it, your client can choose from more than 1.5 million charities. Depending on the amount, they can pick multiple charities or just one. From there, TisBest distributes the donation to the chosen charity.

Here are a few reasons this is a great gift decision for financial advisors.

1. Convenience – Purchase 24/7

Whether you’re a planner or a last-minute procrastinator, TisBest cards can be purchased several months out or just a few moments before. Our gift cards can be given in three forms.

      1. Biodegradable Gift Card – mailed to you or directly to your recipient

      2. Email Gift Card – sent directly to your recipient on a specific date

      3. Printer – sent to your own email for printing

Then choose an image for this customized gift card and specify the $ amount you want to give. The process is easy and takes a minimal amount of time. If you have a large list, do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service department to help you out.

2. Your Brand Gives Back

We all know the holidays are about giving back to those in need. With our charity gift cards, not only do you feel great about your “gift” to your clients, but your clients will feel great about giving back either to a local organization, national foundation, or international group. Your clients will also feel good about the decision to work with a financial advisor who is conscious of their community.

3. Food for the Soul, Not for the Waistline!

TisBest is not another fruitcake! This may not trigger everyone, but sometimes, the holidays are stuffed with sweets, treats, and overindulgence. By giving a gift card to use for a charity, you aren’t making your clients feel bad about their waistline or that they don’t have time to hit the gym after eating a whole tin of cookies.

4. Easy FINRA Compliance

Finding a gift that works across all of your clients can be difficult. You don’t want to add to that the dollar caps on gifting, and the duty to track and document each gift, under FINRA regulations¹. Guess what? TisBest Charity Gift Cards are fully exempt from FINRA regulations!  For more on FINRA compliance, click here to download our analysis.

Start Customizing Your Holiday Gift

Whether you have one client or hundreds, make this year’s client thank you gift simple for you and impactful for your client. Pick from different designs, customize with your logo, and load whatever amount you’d like on the cards. Our TisBest team is here – speak to a real person – to help you throughout the process. Most of all, we hope you see the smiles on your clients’ faces when they receive this unique gift.

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1FINRA Rules which states the cap should be $175 per inflation.