Charity Highlight: National Breast Cancer Foundation

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and one of our charity partners is hard at work helping women live longer through early detection, education and research funding! The National Breast Cancer Foundation has been supporting women since 1991 when it was founded by breast cancer survivor Janelle Hail. Now a highly successful nonprofit, NBCF has developed several impressive programs to help women create and implement early detection plans in their own lives, hold their own fundraisers, and find support.

Early detection plan
Using your computer, smartphone, or tablet you can implement NBCF’s early detection program by going to the NBCF site and clicking “Create Your Plan” or “Download the App”. This program allows you to be proactive about your health with their reminder and scheduling system, customized for you based on your age and health history. NBCF encourages all women to create a plan and to remind the women in their lives to do so as well.

Beyond The Shock
Beyond The Shock is a completely comprehensive (and completely free!) online guide to understanding breast cancer. Whether you are a woman who has received a diagnosis, a loved one of someone who has been diagnosed, or a doctor looking to share helpful information, this is an incredible resource that will provide you with the tools and information you need. Visit NBCF’s site and click “Visit the site” or “Download the App” to get started.

Hosting a fundraiser
For those looking to help raise funds to provide mammograms for women in need, NBCF provides several tools to help you plan, manage and create your own fundraiser. You also have the option to join an existing fundraiser on the NBCF Fundraising page.

Supporting NBCF through TisBest
If you’d like to support NBCF using your TisBest Charity Gift Card, simply click “Spend a gift card” on TisBest.org and input National Breast Cancer Foundation in the search box. Follow the steps to complete the spend process, and we’ll send your gift card funds directly to NBCF on your behalf.
To learn more about NBCF, visit them online at nationalbreastcancer.org
To buy, spend, or learn more about TisBest’s Charity Gift Cards, go to www.tisbest.org