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COVID-19: Employee Engagement in Disrupted Times

Leaders within the workplace are faced with a unique circumstance: How do you remotely motivate your employees? Do you find it’s harder to engage meaningfully when coworkers’ children demand so much of their energy? Collaboration has become the new “buzzword” as we transition from in-person meetings to virtual conferencing. “Zoom” has become a ubiquitous term among colleagues (and schoolkids!), some of whom hadn’t even heard of the service a month ago. 
COVID-19 has forced workers across the nation to quickly familiarize themselves with different tools to communicate with each other. With the working world changing so fast, personal contact and employee morale have been forced to take a back seat. 
Here are some thoughts from the TisBest team for how to engage and support your team while they are at home:

Call, just to talk

Let employees know that you care about their well-being by calling to talk about ANYTHING but work. Ask what they are having for dinner, or what projects they have started around the house that they are excited about. (Gardening at-home is trending right now!) 

Be transparent and inform

Social isolation can make employees feel “out of the loop”. It’s important to keep your team well informed of any changes on the horizon, and have frequent meetings. Develop a “communication health” checkup strategy with your team, and devote the last ten minutes of each daily meeting to answering questions that may be causing anxiety or stress.

Encourage taking days “off”

When working from home, people can get into a never- ending work shift. The office is only footsteps away. Boundaries are important to set, otherwise there is a tendency to never fully unplug. Encouraging employees to take a day off may seem a little silly when pajamas have become the new business attire. (And hair washing is optional!) Self-care is important to productivity, and a day off during quarantine can go a long way.

Give your team a way to support charitable organizations

Charities are more in need than ever, but unable to operate normally with the necessary social distance measures slowing their operations and fundraising events. Leaders should consider looking at their philanthropic efforts as a relevant way to involve employees, making them realize you recognize their contribution and societal concerns.
TisBest Charity Gift Cards are a perfect way to motivate and empower employees with the gift of philanthropy. With 100% of the gift going to the charity the recipient chooses, employees can support charities and feel valued while doing it.

All designs — custom logo/image (here’s a 974×606 pixel template) or selections from our design library — are deliverable by mail, via email, or downloadable pdf. We can be reached at info@tisbest.org with any special requests or to help plan your future employee engagement program.