Double Leg Amputee Christi Hoehn Walks the Walk and Talks the Talk

Part 3 in a 3-Part Series of Christi’s Remarkable Journey

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TisBest is on a mission to #RedefineGifting by replacing gifts of stuff with gifts of good. In that spirit, we like to feature heartwarming stories of special people, like double leg amputee Christi Hoehn, who are also doing good in this world. Christi was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s digital network, Daily Smile. The program’s new series, Next Chapter, follows stories of people on the verge of major life changes. It showcases the small setbacks and big triumphs involved in undertaking new challenges. We hope Christi’s remarkable story inspires you to spread some kindness and love in your communities.

Although Christi had an amazing support team in place, her biggest obstacle was her mindset. She felt that she was not enough. She had to flip the script and create her own internal motivational speech. She told herself, “Nobody is coming. Nobody is going to drag you out of bed. Nobody is going to put those legs on for you and get you to walk today.” So when she faced another setback, Christi knew there was nowhere else to go but forward.

Christi Overcomes One Last Hurdle the Day of the Event

Since Christi was doing so well with her therapy, they had to make new sockets for her legs just days before her big speech. In fact, her first time walking with the new sockets in place was the day of her speech. Nearly 50 friends and family members, who have supported Christi along her journey, gathered at the Dream Valley Ranch for the big day. The audience rose to their feet as Christi walked across the stage to deliver her speech.

The Daily Smile team presents double leg amputee Christi Hoehn with a $5,000 TisBest Charity Gift Card!

The Daily Smile Helps Christi Hoehn Pay it Forward

After earning a well-deserved standing ovation, Christi received another surprise from The Ellen DeGeneres Show and TisBest Philanthropy. The Daily Smile team presented Christi with a $5,000 TisBest Charity Gift Card! In the spirit of giving gifts of good, Christi was gifted the chance to support a charity of her choosing. She paid it forward to Angel City Sports, an LA nonprofit that provides free and adaptive sports equipment for kids, adults, and veterans with physical disabilities and visual impairments.

Create More Warm Fuzzies!

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A TisBest Charity Gift Card design featuring a para athlete with a prosthetic leg stretching before a run.

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