Empowering Women: Celebrating and Supporting Women’s Charities

Women’s Equality Day is an annual observance held on August 26th to serve as a reminder of the historical struggles faced by women, celebrate the achievements, and shed light on the ongoing challenges that persist worldwide. It stands as a symbol of progress and an opportunity to advocate for the rights and empowerment of women globally.

August 26th is a perfect occasion for us to reflect on the progress we have made and identify the work that still lies ahead. It serves as a catalyst for conversations, activism, and meaningful change. In this blog, we will explore ways to support women’s charities and give you insights into some of our favorite non-profits.

Understanding Women’s Equality Day

One significant impact of Women’s Equality Day is the visibility it brings to women’s issues. It provides a platform to discuss and address these important topics. These conversations contribute to a broader understanding of the barriers women face and inspire efforts to dismantle them.

Moreover, this day encourages individuals and organizations to rally around the cause of supporting initiatives that empower women and promote their rights. This observance amplifies the voices of women and their allies, facilitating movements and campaigns that strive for tangible change.

The Power Of Women’s Charities

Women’s charities play a vital role across the globe. These organizations work each day to address issues and work to solve them. Many women’s charities provide essential support to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. They offer shelter, counseling, legal aid, and resources necessary for survivors to rebuild their lives. 

B.E A. S.H.E.R.O Foundation is just one of the many non-profits that strive to provide support and resources to women and girls who have been abused, abandoned, neglected, or exploited. They offer events to help raise awareness of these subjects and offer emergency housing, medical assistance, job interview skills, and more to help inspire those around them. 

Futures Without Violence is a dedicated organization committed to promoting social justice and providing assistance to individuals who have experienced trauma caused by violence. Their core mission revolves around healing and supporting families and communities, fostering an environment of well-being. Through its comprehensive framework of nine pillars, which encompass support, training, and actionable steps, Futures Without Violence is making significant advancements in realizing its vision on a global scale.

By supporting women’s charities such as these, we can continue contributing to a world where no woman has to live in fear or suffer in silence.

Women’s charities focus on fostering education and economic opportunities by improving educational opportunities for girls and women, ensuring they have equal access to quality education. Additionally, they empower women through skill-building programs, entrepreneurship initiatives, and microfinance opportunities. By investing in women’s education and economic independence, we create a ripple effect of positive change within communities.

Breaking barriers and fostering leadership by promoting gender parity in leadership roles. Many women-focused non-profits empower women to step into positions of influence, encouraging their voices to be heard and their perspectives to shape policies and decisions. By supporting these organizations, we contribute to a future where women occupy leadership positions across industries, governments, and communities.

Taking Action: Supporting Women’s Charities

Donating to your favorite women's charities is an excellent way to support and empower women.

Now that we understand the importance of supporting women’s charities, let’s explore ways to support these organizations and make a positive impact actively.

Donate: Financial contributions are a tangible way to support women’s charities. Consider making regular donations or organizing fundraisers within your community. Every dollar makes a difference, enabling these organizations to continue their vital work.

Volunteer: Offer your time and skills to women’s charities in your area. Whether it’s mentoring, teaching a workshop, or providing administrative assistance, your involvement can make a significant impact on the lives of women in need.

Spread awareness: Use your voice to raise awareness about the importance of gender equality and the work of women’s charities. Share their mission and impact on social media, start conversations with friends and family, and engage in community events centered around women’s rights.

Support women-owned businesses: By consciously supporting women-owned businesses, we contribute to economic empowerment and help level the playing field for female entrepreneurs. Seek out local women-owned businesses and invest in their products and services.

Pay it forward: TisBest Charity Gift Cards are a great way to share your support and start the conversation around women’s equality with the gift of a donation. The recipient gets to choose which non-profit receives the donation and can learn more about the opportunities to get involved and other causes in their area. 

Advocate for change: Engage in advocacy efforts to support gender equality. Write letters to policymakers, sign petitions, and join grassroots movements that promote women’s rights. Your actions can help shape legislation and policies that foster gender equality.

A Few Favorites

Numerous charities and organizations actively work towards empowering women and promoting their rights. Here are a few notable women’s charities to support:

UN Women: UN Women is the United Nations entity dedicated to gender equality and women empowerment. It supports programs worldwide and advocates for policy changes to advance women’s rights.

Girls Not Brides: This global partnership works to end child marriage and ensure women reach their full potential. They focus on raising awareness, influencing policies, and supporting community-led efforts.

Malala Fund: Founded by Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, this organization advocates for girls’ education and invests in innovative solutions to empower young girls globally.

Global Fund for Women: Dedicated to advancing women’s rights globally, the Global Fund for Women invests in women-led initiatives and movements. They support grassroots organizations addressing issues like gender-based violence, economic empowerment, and reproductive rights, enabling women to realize their full potential.

Vital Voices Global Partnership: Vital Voices invests in women leaders and entrepreneurs around the world, equipping them with the necessary tools, networks, and resources to effect change in their communities. Their work spans various sectors, including economic empowerment, human rights, and political participation.

Despite significant advancements, gender inequality persists worldwide. Women continue to face challenges such as limited access to education, healthcare disparities, gender-based violence, and underrepresentation in leadership roles. Women’s Equality Day reminds us that achieving true equality requires ongoing commitment and action. In the present day, it is crucial to amplify women’s voices, advocate for their rights, challenge societal norms, and dismantle systemic barriers that hinder gender equality.

By recognizing the relevance of Women’s Equality Day, individuals can engage in meaningful actions to promote gender equality. This can include supporting policies and legislation that advance women’s rights, promoting gender diversity and inclusion in workplaces, challenging stereotypes and biases, and actively participating in initiatives that empower and uplift women.

Women’s Equality Day serves as a reminder of the incredible progress we have made and the work that remains to be done. By supporting women’s charities, we actively contribute to the journey towards gender equality. Let us harness the power within ourselves and unite to create a world where every woman and girl has equal opportunities to thrive and succeed.

Pay It Foward

Together, we can inspire change, uplift one another, and foster a society where gender equality is not just a dream but a reality. TisBest Philanthropy’s Charity Gift Cards offer a new approach to starting conversations, taking action, and empowering others to follow suit. Shop online now or contact our Business Design Team to learn more about personalization or company-branded options. 

Let’s celebrate Women’s Equality Day with renewed determination and a pledge to support women’s charities, for they are the beacons of hope illuminating the path to a brighter, more equal future for all.